How to Insert Page Numbers in MS Excel

In MS excel, you can easily insert page numbers in the header or footer section of the worksheet pages.

Please note that Excel will not display page numbers on the worksheet in Normal view. You can see them only in Page Layout views and on printed pages.

There are four ways to insert page numbers in MS Excel:

  • Add page numbers in the header on a single worksheet
  • Add page numbers in the footer on a single worksheet
  • Add page numbers in the header on multiple worksheets
  • Add page numbers in the footer on multiple worksheets

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How to Create a Pie Chart in MS Excel

A pie chart illustrates the distribution of your data in the form of a slice in a circle. Each slice represents a percentage of the whole. It means the data in the chart will always add up to 100%. Pie charts use one data series, and display the contribution of each value to a total. 

When to Use a Pie Chart in Microsoft Excel

  • When the data comprises distinctive parts
  • To compare categories
  • To represent percentages at a set point in time
  • To show how 100% divided up into a few shares

You cannot plot a pie chart with continuous data. For example, you cannot plot a pie chart for age, height, and body weight. 

In this pie chart tutorial, you will learn how to make a pie chart in Microsoft Excel. You will also learn to customize the chart, explode or rotate a pie chart, and much more.

So let us get started.

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How to Switch Columns in MS Excel

You may need to switch columns in your MS Excel spreadsheet to re-organize the data. Let us walk you through the methods to swap columns without disturbing your data.

3 Methods of switching columns in Microsoft Excel

  • Cut and Paste Option
  • Drag and Drop Option
  • Duplicate a Column before Swapping

So let’s get started.

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How to Make a Word Cloud in MS Excel

Word Cloud is a visual representation of keywords and tags used in a selection of text. You can use word clouds to show the prominence of some words over others. Typically, words used more often will be bigger than other words in the word cloud in MS Excel.

To create a word cloud you need to install Excel add-ons or use word cloud tools. There are many word cloud generators to choose from. You can choose from free or premium versions. 

Each word cloud generator has its own unique design and customization options. Some of the known word cloud generators are:

  • TagCrowd,
  • MonkeyLearn Word Cloud generator,
  • Bjorn’s Word Clouds, and more.

In this tutorial, we will use to generate the word cloud from an Excel file. It is free to use. It offers a variety of themes, formatting options, colors, fonts, sizes, and custom shapes to create impressive word art. 

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How to Remove All Hyperlinks in MS Excel

MS Excel inserts a hyperlink when you enter an email address, file location, or website address in a cell. Sometimes these hyperlinks are helpful and sometimes not. Microsoft Excel provides various methods to remove unwanted hyperlinks. We will explain how you can remove all the hyperlinks or groups of hyperlinks.

4 Methods to remove hyperlinks in Microsoft Excel

  • Menu Options 
  • Turn Off Automatic Hyperlink Conversion 
  • Clear Option
  • Select One or More Cells to Remove Hyperlinks

We will also explain how to edit existing hyperlinks.

Let us begin.

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How to Add a Trendline in MS Excel

This tutorial will guide you through the sequential steps of adding a trendline to an MS Excel chart. A trendline shows a pattern or trend on a graph. 

Trendlines are used in many real-world situations. They are popular with investors, sales professionals, traders, and other related professionals. Trendlines analyze financial and sales information to show upward or downward trends. This helps with data visualization. 

Before explaining step-by-step how to add a trendline, you should  know how to create a line chart in Excel. 

3 Methods of adding a trendline in Microsoft Excel: 

  • Use the Chart Design Group
  • Use Add Charts Elements
  • Right-click Menu

Let us begin.

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How to Format Numbers as Currency in MS Excel

If you are working on a spreadsheet and want to display the numbers as currency, you can do so with ease in MS Excel. There are three ways to format numbers as financial values, and display a currency symbol. We will walk you through these methods step-by-step, as it applies to Microsoft Excel 2016 and 2019.

3 Methods of Formatting Numbers as Currency in Microsoft Excel

  • Use the number format drop-down list
  • Use the accounting number format
  • Use the format cells dialogue box

Let us begin.

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How to Remove a Watermark from an MS Excel Sheet

Since there is no built-in feature to add a watermark to an MS Excel sheet, you might wonder how to remove one. If that is the case with a watermarked document you received, we will explain how to remove it. 

In our How to Insert a Watermark article, we shared several methods of inserting a watermark, and here we will share four methods of undoing that.

4 Methods of removing a watermark from Microsoft Excel:

  • Remove the header
  • Delete the watermark
  • Delete the background
  • Remove objects

Let us begin by having a look at each of the methods individually.

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