How to Install Custom Fonts in PowerPoint

Sometimes a particular company insists on using a custom font they have specifically created. You may also want to use an uncommon font to enhance the design of your PowerPoint slides.

If the specified font is available on your computer, you only have to pick and apply it. However, if you do not, then it is necessary to get and install that font in your system before you can use it. Be aware that while some fonts are available free to use, others may require paying a royalty fee before you can use them.

Lastly, if you share your presentation with others, chances are, they do not have the custom font you are using. They will be able to see your presentation slides, but they will look different because their system will not display the proper font. The answer to this is to embed your custom font before you share your documents.

How to Install and use custom fonts in a PowerPoint Presentation

  • Get a custom font file.
  • Install the custom font in your system.
  • Use the installed font.
  • Embed the custom font in PowerPoint.

Let us begin.

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How to insert PDF in PowerPoint Presentation

You are creating a PowerPoint presentation, and you need to include information from another document. You have two choices here—either copy the information to the slides or include the document within the slides.

If this other document is available as a PDF or portable document format, you can include or insert it in your presentation. In this article, we will be sharing multiple ways to insert a PDF document in your PPT.

6 Ways to insert a PDF into Powerpoint Presentation

  • Insert PDF as a Link into Your Presentation.
  • Insert PDF as an Object into Your Presentation.
  • Insert PDF as an Image into Your Presentation.
  • Insert Text from the PDF into Your Presentation.
  • Insert Graphics from the PDF into Your Presentation.
  • Convert the PDF into PPT and Open it as a Presentation.

Let us show you all the above methods in simple instructions.

Let us begin.

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How to Create Organizational Chart in PowerPoint

3 ways to create Organizational Chart in Powerpoint

  • Using a pre-designed organizational chart template from Microsoft
  • Creating an organizational chart using SmartArt Graphic
  • Using text boxes for creating an organizational chart

We will show you all the above in simple, step-wise instructions.

Let us begin.

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How to Create a Timeline in PowerPoint

With Microsoft PowerPoint, you can create a basic timeline. You can then manually adjust and restyle it to fit your needs. The result will be a simple graphic fit for presentations.

3 ways to create Timeline in PowerPoint

  • Using a pre-designed timeline template from Microsoft
  • Creating a timeline using SmartArt Graphic
  • Using basic shapes

We will show you all the above in simple, step-wise instructions.

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How to Add Borders to Slides in PowerPoint

You may be looking for a way to enhance your PowerPoint slides. One would be adding an eye-catching border to make your slide look refined and spectacular.

Borders also make your slides look more organized. While thin borders give the slide a design appeal, broad or pictorial borders will emphasize its definition.

There are two ways you can add borders to slides:

  • Using shapes
  • Using online pictures

We will show you both methods using simple, step-wise instructions.

Let us begin.

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How to Add Alt Text to an Object in MS PowerPoint

A sight-impaired person needs a screen reader to read out a description of the objects on the computer screen. If your MS PowerPoint slide has an object, you can add alternative text or alt text to it. This helps the screen reader, as they are not sophisticated enough to understand what the object represents.

When adding alt text, you can do it in two ways:

  • Automatically generate the alt text
  • Manually generate the alt text

We will show you in simple, step-by-step instructions how to add alt text to an image in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Let us begin.

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How to Change the Bullet Color in MS PowerPoint

You may need to present your points in the form of bullets in your slide. But unless the bullets are in contrast with the background, they may not be visible. To increase the contrast, it may be necessary to change their color. 

Fortunately, changing the color of bullets is a simple task in Microsoft PowerPoint. You can have:

  • Bullets of different colors
  • All bullets of the same color

We will show you simple, step-by-step instructions on how you can change the color of bullets.

Let us begin.

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How to Change Hyperlink Color in PowerPoint

Did you know it’s possible to change hyperlink colors in your PowerPoint presentation? You may want the hyperlink color to match the theme or your slide design. Or, to increase the contrast to improve the visibility.

We will show in simple, step-by-step instructions how to change the hyperlink color in a PowerPoint presentation. 

Two Methods to change hyperlink color in Powerpoint

  • Change individual hyperlink color.
  • Change the color of hyperlink text throughout the presentation.

Let us begin.

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How to Create a Word Cloud in PowerPoint

A word cloud is an image outline filled with different words. The words in the word cloud can be of different fonts, sizes, colors, and shapes. In a PowerPoint slide, a word cloud can be a strong image builder. 

You can make important words bold and large so that they stand out to convey the most important message.

4 methods to create a Word Cloud in Powerpoint

  • Manually
  • With Word Art
  • With Word Cloud Generator
  • With Pro Word Cloud

Let us show you all the ways of creating a word cloud in simple, step-by-step instructions.

Let us begin.

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