How to add a gif in Powerpoint

PowerPoint allows you to add an animated GIF to a slide just like you add any other picture to it.

You can add it from a GIF file that you already have stored on your computer’s hard disk. 

Alternately, you can search online on the web for suitable GIFs, and download them for use.

Here, we will explain how you can insert an animated GIF in a few easy steps.  

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How to Print PowerPoint with Notes

You have a PowerPoint presentation where you have introduced notes in individual slides. The notes helped you to remember important aspects of your presentation. But they were not visible to the audience.

Now, you want to present your audience with a printed version of your presentation. You want to print the notes along with their respective slides to make it easier for them to understand.

You can do this easily in PowerPoint, and we explain the method here.

Step by Step guide to print Powerpoint with Notes

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How to add notes to Powerpoint

Presenting a long slideshow to an audience can be a challenging task. You must remember the finer details of each slide. Yet, it is easy to overcome this. PowerPoint allows adding notes to individual slides in an accessible format.

The notes will show up on the screen for you to read in the Presenter view, but will not be visible to the audience. You can still share the notes with your audience. Print the notes for sharing if you think that will benefit them.

Adding notes to PowerPoint slides is easy. Here’s how to do it.

How to add notes to Powerpoint

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