How to Insert a Date Picker in Google Sheets

Adding a date picker in Google Sheets will speed up the data entry process. Data entry will also be more accurate. This is because a date picker would allow you to pick the right date, despite the many formats.

2 Methods of inserting a date picker in Google Sheets:

  • Format the cell as a date
  • Use Data Validation

Let us begin by having a look at the two methods.

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How to Import CSV to Google Sheets

Different applications and systems generate reports in different formats. Considering the huge volume of data it can handle, CSV is a popular format for such reports. In this tutorial, you will learn how to import CSV files to Google Sheets. 

This way, you can work on a wide range of data from different applications. By using the methods given below, you’ll never have to worry about compatibility issues.

2 Methods of importing CSV files to Google Sheets:

  • Use the Open option under the File menu
  • Use a keyboard shortcut

Let us begin by looking at these methods one by one.

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How to Add Days to a Date in Google Sheets

Adding days to a date helps in determining deadlines efficiently. It can be helpful in stock management and simplify many other administrative tasks.

3 Methods to add days to a date in Google Sheets:

  • Use a formula where the same number of days have to be added
  • Use a formula where a different number of days have to be added
  • Use the End of Month formula

Let us begin.

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How to get Last Value in a Column in Google Sheets

There are multiple instances when might you need to get the last column value in Google sheets.

You can scroll down to get the last value, but this is will be impractical when you have a huge dataset.

For example, there’s a list of students in descending order of marks scored. You want to know the student who has scored the least.

Let’s go over some methods to find the last value in a column. 

3 methods to get the last value in a column in Google Sheets: 

  • Using INDEX and COUNTA functions 
  • Using INDEX and MATCH functions for numerical values 
  • Using INDEX and MATCH functions for text values 

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How to unhide rows in Google Sheets

You may have hidden rows in Google Sheets previously for any reason. If you want to reveal them now, you just have to unhide the rows that you have previously hidden.

4 methods of unhiding rows in Google Sheets:

  • Using the arrows
  • By selecting Unhide rows
  • By pressing Ctrl + Shift + 9
  • Unhide the rows hidden by filters.

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