How to unhide rows in Google Sheets

You may have hidden rows in Google Sheets previously for any reason. If you want to reveal them now, you just have to unhide the rows that you have previously hidden.

4 methods of unhiding rows in Google Sheets:

  • Using the arrows
  • By selecting Unhide rows
  • By pressing Ctrl + Shift + 9
  • Unhide the rows hidden by filters.

Method 1: Using the arrows

Step 1: Open your Google Sheet.

To make changes to any sheet, the first thing you shall do is to open it. Open either a new sheet or an existing one in which you already have hidden rows.

Step 2: Click on the arrows.

Wherever you hide rows, a pair of up and down arrows appear above as well as below the hidden rows in the row heading. Click on any row (up or down) to make the hidden row visible again.

For example, clicking on any of the highlighted arrows here will unhide row 4.

Method 2: By selecting Unhide rows

Step 1: Open your Google Sheet.

Open a new spreadsheet or open an existing one, as shown in Step 1 of Method 1.

Step 2: Select the rows with data.

From the row heading, select all the rows which contain your data by dragging your cursor.

Step 3: Click on Unhide rows.

Right-click anywhere on the selected row heading and select Unhide rows. As soon as you do that, you can see all the hidden rows.

As you can see from the arrows, the hidden rows here are 3 and 6. They are going to be visible once you unhide the rows.

Method 3: By pressing Ctrl + Shift + 9

Step 1: Select the row headers.

Similar to the previous methods, open your Google Sheet. Select the row headers by dragging your cursor.

Step 3: Press Ctrl + Shift + 9.

Just press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + 9. Once done, all the hidden rows in the selected range will show up like magic.

Method 4: Unhide the rows hidden by filters

Sometimes rows get hidden as a result of filters. Here, hidden rows are also not indicated by sheets such as by arrows in row headings or by the option of Unhide rows. To find out if any rows are hidden, just look at row headings for any missing row numbers without any arrows.

Here, rows 2 and 4 are missing without any arrows, which means that these rows are hidden by filters. The only way to see these filtered rows again is to disable the Filter view

Step 1: Click on the Remove filter or its icon.

Simply clicking on the Remove filter icon will remove all the filters present in the sheet. This will show all the rows, filtered and unfiltered.

Alternatively, you can click on Data and then on Remove filter. This will remove all the filters from the sheet and you can see all the rows.

Once you remove the filters, you will get to see all the rows of the sheet.


Unhiding rows is one of the easiest and most simple functions of Google Sheets. After reading this guide, you can now perform this function in seconds.

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