How to insert Dotted Line in MS Word

Sometimes, you need to place a dotted line in MS Word. It may be for dividing the page into two parts. Or, you may want to show where the reader can cut the page after printing the contents. You may also want to draw angular dotted lines for diagrams. It is also possible to place short dotted lines for showing blanks that the reader can fill-in.

4 ways to insert Dotted Line in MS Word

  • Using Auto-Correct Options
  • Using a Shape Preset
  • Using Shape Outlines
  • Using the Tab key

We will show you step-wise instructions for all the methods of inserting dotted lines in MS Word.

Let us begin.

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How to group Pictures in MS Word

You may have several pictures in your Word document. When editing the document, the pictures move independently. If you would like them to move together, you must group them.

2 ways of grouping pictures in your Word document:

  • Using Picture Tools
  • Using Right-Click

We will explain both methods using simple step-by-step instructions.

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How to Place a Circle Around Letters or Numbers in MS Word

You may want to place a circle around a certain letter or number in your MS Word document. This may be to emphasize an important point in the document. It may also be to simply decorate the text.

4 ways to put a circle around Letters and Numbers in MS Word

  • Use the Oval Tool
  • Use the Enclose Characters Tool
  • Insert a Circle Shape
  • Insert Enclosed Alphanumeric Symbols

We will show you step-by-step instructions for all the tools above.

Let us begin.

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How to triple space in MS Word

Increasing the spacing between characters makes them more legible. Increasing the spacing between lines in a document makes the document more attractive. When presenting a paper in the Chicago format style, you must double-space the text. Sometimes, you only want increased spacing while printing the document.

3 ways to Triple Space in MS Word

  • Between selected characters 
  • Between selected lines
  • Between lines in the entire document for printing only

Let us start.

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How to change the background color of the text box in MS Word

 A Text box within a document is a great way to attract the reader’s attention. Inside the text box place some important information you want to emphasize. There is another way you can make the text box more attractive. Change the background color to make the text box appear in a greater contrast from the document.

Microsoft Word allows you to easily change the background color of your text box. You only need to follow our step-by-step guide for changing the background color. 

Let us begin.

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How to insert a list of Figues in MS Word

You may have an MS Word document with many figures and tables. For long documents, it is easier for the reader to have a list of contents at the beginning for reference. In the same way, a list of figures at the start of the document helps in locating them easily.

Note: The publishing industry commonly uses the terms list of figures and list of tables. However, MS Word refers to both the terms as a table of figures.

It is easy to create a list of figures or a table of figures. Provided, you have been using Word’s Caption Tool. The tool is for numbering the tables and figures in your document.

You may add or delete a figure or table in your document. The Caption Tool adjusts the numbering. Likewise, it also helps to adjust the list of figures at the start of your document.

We will show you in simple steps how to insert the list of figures. We will also show you how to update it after modifications.

Let us begin.

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How to create a text box with rounded corners in MS Word

Text boxes within a document in MS Word can help to point out important points. With a text box, you can draw the attention of your readers. Place the important information inside the text box. This gives you the freedom to orient it any way you want. You can also change several aspects of the box and the text inside the box.

By default, when you insert a text box, MS Word adds a rectangular box with sharp corners. If you do not like this, use a box with rounded corners. You may already have a rectangular text box in your document. Word has the tools to change it to one with rounded corners.

2 ways to create a text box with rounded corners

  • Start with a predefined rounded corner text box
  • Change a rectangular text box to one with rounded corners

Our simple, step-wise instructions will cover both.

Let us begin.

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