How to Change Text Case in MS Word

It happens so often that I type a sentence in MS Word, and then halfway through realize I have used the wrong case. Caps lock was on, or some other triviality. 

Fortunately, you do not have to erase your work, as Word allows you to change the text case.

3 Methods to change text case in MS Word

  • Use the menus
  • Use a keyboard shortcut (Shift+F3)
  • Use another keyboard shortcut (Alt+H)

We will show you all the methods of changing the text case in simple, step-by-step instructions.

Let us begin.

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How to make a Flyer using MS Word

You may be selling a house, a car, or electronic equipment. Although you have several means of advertising your sale, using the physical flyer is the most common. That is because of the ease of putting up flyers almost anywhere, from poles to bulletin boards, or even on a wall.

Making a flyer is not a difficult task. Moreover, Microsoft Word has made the task even simpler.

Three methods for making flyers in MS Word:

  • Using Basic Tools
  • Using Pre-Built Templates
  • Using Free Templates from Websites

Let us demonstrate to you all the above methods with simple instructions.

Here we go.

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How to Make a Business Card Using Word

You can use any fancy design software for making business cards. However, if you are in a hurry and do not have access to other software, you can use Microsoft Word.

Word allows you to make business cards in two ways:

  • Starting from Scratch
  • Using Templates

We will show you how to make business cards in Microsoft Word.

Let us begin.

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How to Create a Booklet in Word

You may want to print your own book or create a booklet for an event. Word offers easy methods for doing this.

2 methods to create a Booklet in MS Word

  • Use pre-built page settings
  • Use online templates

Word offers pre-built page settings that you can use for the purpose. Use the Book Fold layout to print your booklet in the proper order automatically, and it will be ready for folding and binding.

Word also offers online templates that you can use for creating professional-looking booklets.

You can get the best results by setting an appropriate layout for the document before you start the writing project.

We will show you how to create a Word booklet using simple step-by-step instructions.

Let us begin.

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How to Remove Metadata from Word Document

Metadata is personal data inside a Word document. This data is hidden, and Word transfers it when sharing documents. You may want to remove sensitive personal data from a document before sharing it.

Some typical metadata elements in a document are:

  • Title and Description
  • Tags and their Categories
  • Who created the document, and when
  • Who modified the document last, and when
  • Who can access the document, or update it.

2 Methods to Remove Metadata from Word document

  • Delete Metadata via the Info tab
  • Use an online application to remove metadata

We will show you both methods of how to remove metadata from a Word document in simple, step-wise instructions.

Let us begin.

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How to Redline in Word

Redline is a built-in feature in Word for co-authoring documents. It shows any removal or addition of text in the document. A colored line strikes through any text that an author removes.

Likewise, adding any text to the document shows up with a colored underline. By assigning colors to each author, you can see the modifications and updates each of them make in the document.

Additionally, a dotted, colored line connects the added or deleted words to a balloon or comment box in the left-hand margin. The comment box will show the name of the person who made the changes and when.

We will show you in simple, stepwise instructions how to turn on the redline feature in Word.

Let us begin.

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How to Change the Default Line Spacing in Word

Line spacing in documents helps in easy readability. Likewise, a blank line follows each paragraph. For the same reason, headings have a space above them.

The default line spacing in Word is 1.15.

However, you can easily change this to suit your requirement.

We will show you in easy, stepwise instructions how to change the default line spacing in Word.

Let us begin.

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