How to Make Flowcharts in Word

Flowcharts help to visualize the logic behind arguments.

2 methods to make flowcharts in Word:

  • Using generic shapes
  • Using pre-built images

Note that the method using pre-built images is suitable only for linear flowcharts, as Word does not allow branching.

We will show you both methods in simple, step-wise instructions.

Let us begin.

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How to Create Labels in Word from an Excel List

You can use Microsoft Excel to organize a mailing list. You can then mail merge this list using Word to generate and print mailing labels. We recommend using Excel to make the list, as it has better organizing capabilities and can better maintain data than a Word table can.

To make the list in Excel, you must create column headers. Place the headers in the first row of each column. Insert data in the list according to the header in each column.

We will show you in simple, easy steps how to create mailing labels in Word from an Excel list.

Let us begin.

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How to Make a Grid in Word

Microsoft Word is not limited to text-based documents alone. It is also possible to set up a grid in Word. You may want a grid paper for a complex mathematical chart. Grid papers are also great for bulleted journals for personal planning. The best thing is, you do not need complicated training for creating grids. 

5 ways of making grids in Word using simple, easy stepwise instructions:

  • Using Grid Lines
  • Using Fill Effects
  • Using Lines
  • Using Rectangles
  • Using Tables

Let us begin.

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How to Create an Index in MS Word

Many books contain an index at the end. This helps in easily locating words, keywords, and phrases in the book. MS Word offers a simple method of adding an index in a document. 

In this tutorial, we will show you how to:

  • Select References for an Index Entry
  • Insert the Index
  • Update the Index

We will use simple, step-by-step instructions for creating an index in MS Word.

Let us begin.

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How to Make a Signup Sheet in MS Word

The best way to get information about attending visitors or guests at an event, is to use a signup sheet in MS Word. 

Signees can provide information on a signup sheet so that you have an accurate headcount. It also makes organization and planning easier.

See how to make a signup sheet in Microsoft Word with simple, step-by-step instructions.

Let us begin.

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How to Create a Template in MS Word

Word uses a template document to create documents that have an identical structure and style. This is useful when you use a specific format repeatedly, say, a monthly sales report. Instead of recreating the format every month, you can create it as a template in MS Word. Then you can use the template to create similar documents whenever necessary.

We will show you how you can:

  • Create a template
  • Use a template
  • Modify a template

We will use simple, step-by-step instructions for the purpose.

Let us begin.

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How to Create a Decision Tree in MS Word

Making a decision involves weighing many factors against each other. A decision tree illustrates this in a pictorial process. A typical decision tree originates from a single node that may split into other nodes and branches in many directions. Each branch may expand in path lines depending on conclusions and probabilities until leading to a leaf or decision.

2 ways to create a decision tree in MS Word

  • Using Shapes
  • Using SmartArt

We will show you both methods of creating a decision tree in MS Word using simple, step-by-step instructions.

Let us begin.

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How to Create a Word Cloud in MS Word

A word cloud is a fun way to present a list of words or sentences artistically. It presents them inside an image or a cloud outline. The words may appear in different sizes, colors, and angles, but they follow a simple rule. The size of the letters shows their frequency of use. If the words appear repeatedly, the word cloud shows them in a larger size.

You can create your own word cloud in an MS Word document.

3 methods to create a word cloud in MS Word

  • Using Basic Shapes
  • Using Add-In Apps
  • Using On-Line Apps

We will show you the above methods in simple step-by-step instructions.

Let us begin.

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How to Change Text Case in MS Word

It happens so often that I type a sentence in MS Word, and then halfway through realize I have used the wrong case. Caps lock was on, or some other triviality. 

Fortunately, you do not have to erase your work, as Word allows you to change the text case.

3 Methods to change text case in MS Word

  • Use the menus
  • Use a keyboard shortcut (Shift+F3)
  • Use another keyboard shortcut (Alt+H)

We will show you all the methods of changing the text case in simple, step-by-step instructions.

Let us begin.

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How to Remove All Content Controls in MS Word

Under certain circumstances, you may want to remove all content controls in a Microsoft Word document. But you want to keep the content intact. This may be because you want to keep a simple form of the document.

Unfortunately, MS Word does not provide a simple way of removing all content controls in one step.

2 ways to remove All Content controls in MS Word

  • Reverting to an older form of Microsoft Word.
  • Remove content controls one by one.

Let us begin.

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