How to insert a list of Figues in MS Word

You may have an MS Word document with many figures and tables. For long documents, it is easier for the reader to have a list of contents at the beginning for reference. In the same way, a list of figures at the start of the document helps in locating them easily.

Note: The publishing industry commonly uses the terms list of figures and list of tables. However, MS Word refers to both the terms as a table of figures.

It is easy to create a list of figures or a table of figures. Provided, you have been using Word’s Caption Tool. The tool is for numbering the tables and figures in your document.

You may add or delete a figure or table in your document. The Caption Tool adjusts the numbering. Likewise, it also helps to adjust the list of figures at the start of your document.

We will show you in simple steps how to insert the list of figures. We will also show you how to update it after modifications.

Let us begin.

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How to create a text box with rounded corners in MS Word

Text boxes within a document in MS Word can help to point out important points. With a text box, you can draw the attention of your readers. Place the important information inside the text box. This gives you the freedom to orient it any way you want. You can also change several aspects of the box and the text inside the box.

By default, when you insert a text box, MS Word adds a rectangular box with sharp corners. If you do not like this, use a box with rounded corners. You may already have a rectangular text box in your document. Word has the tools to change it to one with rounded corners.

2 ways to create a text box with rounded corners

  • Start with a predefined rounded corner text box
  • Change a rectangular text box to one with rounded corners

Our simple, step-wise instructions will cover both.

Let us begin.

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How to make a transparent text box in MS Word

You can emphasize certain text in your document by enclosing them in text boxes. Creating headlines becomes easier with text boxes. It is possible to add a text box anywhere in the document. You can insert text boxes at any angle, font color, background color, and orientation. You can even use various fonts in a text box.

When inserting a text box, Word uses a white background by default. This background is opaque and hides anything behind it. You can change the background of the text box and make it transparent.

2 ways to make transparent text box in MS Word:

  • By changing the Shape Fill
  • By modifying the Format Shape

Here, we will show you both methods of how to make the text box transparent in simple steps. 

Let’s begin.

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How to remove the border from text box in MS Word

You can insert a text box at any point in your document. Text boxes are a great way to create headlines. You can also use them to make certain text stand out. It is possible to insert them in any angle, color, orientation, and in different fonts.

When inserting a text box, Word places a border around it by default. You can customize the border to show a thick or thin line, continuous or dotted line, and in select colors. But in some cases, you may not want a border at all.

2 ways to remove the border from the text box in MS Word:

  • By modifying the Outline
  • By changing the Format Shape

Here, we will show you both methods of how to remove the border from a text box in simple steps. 

Let us begin.

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How to lock a text box in MS Word

You may have an enclosed text box within the content in your MS Word document. By default, the text box moves with the content. If you do not want it to move with the content, you must lock the text box.

If you are sharing your document with others, you may not want them to change the content within the text box. Again, you can lock the text box.

Word allows you to lock the text box for the above cases. Thus, by locking the text box, you can:

  • Prevent the text box from moving with the content.
  • Protect the contents of the text box.

We will explain both methods stepwise. Let us start.

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How to remove table lines in MS Word

When creating a new table in MS Word, you can specify the number of rows and columns that the table must contain. But the table that appears has internal and external lines or borders. Borders make it easy to enter data in the cells. But you may want to print or display the table without some or any border showing up.

Word has many options that allow customizing the appearance of your table. You can change the styling of the borders. One of the styles includes suppressing the display of borders.

Removing the table borders or lines in MS Word does not disturb the data or the layout of the data. You only remove the lines that identify the rows and columns.

2 ways to remove table lines in MS Word

  • Using the Borders Menu
  • Using the Borders and Shading Dialog Box

We will show you in steps how to remove the table lines in your MS Word document.

Let us begin.

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How to add a caption to a table in MS Word

When you add a table in your MS Word document, there is no caption by default. A caption adds an identity to the table, briefly describing the subject it is displaying. It also makes the document easier to read and understand.

Word allows you to add a floating caption to your table. The caption has two parts—a label and a number. Word will automatically update the numbering on all other tables you add later. You can also add the caption inside a table.

2 ways to add caption to a table in MS Word

  • Add a Floating Caption
  • Adding a Caption Within the Table

Let us begin.

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How to save MS Word Table as an Image

Many a time, you may want to save the table in your MS Word document as an image. The reasons for this may vary. For instance, you may not want others to change the cell size in the table. When you place a table inside a Word document as an image, you are making sure the table format will stay the same. Thus, opening the document on other computers will not disturb its structure.

You may also want to protect the integrity of the data in your table. Convert the table to an image. You will ensure others cannot change the data inside it.

It is easier to share table data if it is in the form of an image. It is more convenient to send an image rather than sending a whole document when sharing. You can even send the image to a mobile device, as most mobile devices do not have Word installed in them.

You can save an MS Word table as an image by taking a screenshot of the table.

We will show you stepwise how you can do the above.

Let us begin.

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How to center align text in MS Word Table

You may need to insert tables in your MS Word document to present data. Your table may contain text or numbers in different cells. But, for each cell, Word defaults to left alignment in the horizontal direction. The default vertical alignment is to the top of the cell.

If you do not like the default alignments, Word allows you to change them. For instance, you may have a lot of text in some cells and few in others. Center aligning all the text in the table makes it easier to read.

For horizontal alignment, you may consider one of the three choices that Word offers:

  • Left (default)
  • Center
  • Right

For the vertical alignment, Word offers three more choices in relation to the cell:

  • Top (default)
  • Center
  • Bottom

Additionally, you may apply the process in two ways:

  • Center align only a select cell
  • Center align the entire table in one go.

We will show you how you can accomplish the above in easy steps.

Let’s begin.

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