How to Divide Numbers in Google Sheets

You can use Google Sheets for a variety of calculations. Now, a lot of these would include divisions and this is what we are covering today. Here are the various ways you can divide numbers on Google Sheets. You can divide individual cells and entire columns.

4 methods of dividing numbers in Google Sheets 

  • Dividing numbers in cells using DIVIDE function
  • Dividing numbers in cells using divide operator
  • Dividing entire columns 
  • Dividing without a remainder 

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How to insert CheckBox in Google Sheets

Having checkboxes in your Google Sheet can come in handy when you have items to be crossed off your list. Fortunately, inserting checkboxes in Google Sheets is a straightforward process.

Using the Checkbox option

Step 1: Highlight the desired cell.

Click on the cell to insert a checkbox there. In this instance, it’s cell B2. You can see the highlighted cell’s name in the Name box at the top-right corner of your screen below the toolbar.

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What is Slide Master in PowerPoint

Slide Master is one of the most powerful tools that PowerPoint offers. Using this option, you can standardize the visual aspects of your presentation. You may not be familiar with this feature. But using Slide Master can truly make a difference.

Especially, when you work extensively with PowerPoint presentations. Here, we will explain the features of the Slide Master of PowerPoint, and how it can be useful.

Master Slide in PowerPoint

You will find the Master Slide option under the View tab in the main menu bar. The feature allows you to create master templates, also known as master slides. You can automatically add common elements you will be repeating throughout your slides. For instance, this might include a logo.

Using the feature, you can standardize the design of your presentation. You can add a common color scheme, typography, or background to all your slides. You can add whatever to your master slides.

It will show up automatically when you start working on your presentation. This way, you do not need to design each slide individually. With the slide master, you can add all your style requirements in one instance.

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How to Search in Google Sheets

Have trouble tracking down what you need in the piles of data stored in Google sheets? You don’t want to scroll for minutes to find a customer name or a product name. Well, the functionalities that Google Sheets provide help pinpoint the needle in the haystack.

3 ways to search in Google Sheets

  • Search sheets using the Find option
  • Search using Find and Replace
  • Search using Conditional Formatting

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How to change date format in Google Sheets

When you’re working with dates in your Google Sheet, you might not like the default format. You may want to change it to a different format for your convenience. The good thing is that you have several ways to do that in Google Sheets.

3 methods to change the date format in Google Sheets

  • Using the default Google Sheet formats
  • Using custom date formats
  • Using a query function

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How to Multiply in Google Sheets

When you’re working with numbers on your Google Sheet, knowing how to multiply them can come in handy. For instance, say you have the quantity and price of each item and you’d like to know the total cost for all the items.

4 methods to multiply in Google Sheets

  • Using the multiplication operator
  • Using the MULTIPLY function
  • Using the ARRAYFORMULA function
  • Using the SUMPRODUCT function

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How to save a PPT as a PDF

How to Save a PPT as PDF

You may be interested in sharing your PowerPoint presentation with colleagues and members of your group. Sharing the PPT file itself can be risky as someone may change the information. Another option is to convert the PPT as a Portable Document Format or PDF. It is not easy to change the information in a PDF file.

3 ways to save a PPT as a PDF

  • Print it as a PDF file
  • Save it as a PDF file
  • Export it as a PDF file

We will show you all the methods in simple step-wise instructions.

Let us begin.

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How to insert a PDF in Powerpoint

While creating a slide, you may want to incorporate information from a PDF file. One of the options available is typing the information manually into the slides. But this could be a time-consuming and tedious exercise.

4 ways to insert a PDF in Powerpoint

  • Insert the PDF file as an object 
  • Insert the PDF as an image
  • Insert Text from the PDF file
  • Insert graphics from the PDF file

We will show you all the above methods as simple step-wise instructions.

Let us begin.

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How to make Google Sheets Stop Rounding Numbers

If you’ve worked with numbers in Google Sheets, you would’ve noticed that it rounds off your numbers. This can be useful at times but not at all times. If you’re wondering how to make Google Sheets stop rounding numbers, you’re at the right place. 

2 ways to make Google Sheets stop rounding numbers

  • By increasing the decimal places
  • Using the TRUNC function

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