How to password protect a Google Sheet

Google Sheets don’t have a built-in password-protection feature. However, it allows you to set permissions for each member that has access to your sheet. 

Therefore, the only built-in feature to protect your sheets is by restricting access through the share settings. Members can access documents over the internet, but only those with edit access can make changes. That said, you cannot give a member edit access and hide some of the information on the sheet from that member. 

If you want to encrypt data and password protect your sheet, you can use a third-party app. Alternatively, if you want to hide a specific sheet, you can do that as well.

Methods to protect your Google Sheet

  • Using a third-party tool
  • Controlling access via share permissions and settings by:
  1. Hiding your individual sheet
  2. Hiding your individual cells

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How to copy a sheet in Google Sheets

When you’re working on Google Sheets, you might sometimes need to make a copy of your sheet. You might want to copy the sheet into an existing sheet, a new sheet, or even to your current sheet. Google Sheets allows you to copy a sheet easily. 

4 methods to copy a sheet in Google Sheets

  • Using the Duplicate option
  • Using the Existing spreadsheet option
  • Using the New spreadsheet option
  • Using the Make a copy option

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How to encircle a word in Google Docs

There are plenty of methods to highlight a special word in your G-docs file. You can use text color, highlight it, italicize, etc.

But the most effective way to make some very important words–like your brand name–stand out is to put a shape around it. 

This tutorial will share a simple method to put a circle (or any regular shape) around any word in Google docs. 

In short, this includes using drawing tools to select the shape and type your special word in it.

Let’s begin.

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How to change text color in Google Docs

More often than not, we are left to find ways to highlight something in the digital writing landscape. 

Without the traditional paper sheet and highlighter pen, the procedure to color some part of your document depends on the specific application.  

This tutorial will share the most common methods to colorize text in your Google Doc’s file.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

2 Ways to Change Text Color in Google Docs

  • Change Text Color on Desktop
  • Change Text Color on Android

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How to insert Multiple rows in Google Sheets

Sometimes you might need to add an extra row between two others in your spreadsheets. In Google Sheets, you can do it by right-clicking the row and selecting the Insert Row option found in the menu.

In some cases, however, one extra row may not be enough. You’ll need to add multiple rows to enter your data. Google Sheets has met this requirement too with many options to add multiple rows. 

5 Method To Add Multiple Rows

There are many simple methods to accomplish adding as many rows as you want. 

  • Using the Insert Rows option
  • Using keyboard shortcuts
  • Using the Add button at the bottom
  • Using F4
  • Using Macros

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How to group and Ungroup Columns In Google Sheets

Sometimes your Google Sheet might contain a lot of information. You may want to group some columns and hide the information in them to make the sheet look sharp and tidy. This is when you can use grouping. 

Grouping columns helps you organize, summarize, and format data neatly. Say you have data about a group of people. You only need the favorite color of each person. Other details about that person are not needed right now. So you group columns B and C in the image below to hide data.

If you want to change or view more details about the person, click the plus sign on top of the column. Now, you can view the other columns as well. 

Grouping and ungrouping columns in Google Sheets

  • Grouping columns in Google Sheets
  • Collapsing and expanding columns
  • Multilayered grouping of columns
  • Ungrouping columns in Google Sheets

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How to Delete Empty Rows in Google Sheets

Google sheets allow you to organize and analyze data via spreadsheets. A key point in filtering data is to delete empty rows and columns. In this article, we cover the various ways in which you can do so.

3 Methods of deleting empty rows in google sheets

  • Filter and delete the empty rows
  • Sort the complete data set and delete empty rows
  • Delete empty rows using an add on

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How to Group and Ungroup Rows in Google Sheets

Google Sheets are equipped with several tools that allow better segregation and manipulation of data. Here, we’re going to walk you through how you can group and ungroup rows. 

It is useful to group rows when there is lots of data that are related or similar. It allows you to expand the data whenever required and keep it closed at other times. This makes the spreadsheet compact, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use. 

Methods To Group and Ungroup Rows


  • By using the Group Rows option from the menu
  • By using the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+Right Arrow.
  • Multilayer grouping


  • By using the Remove Group option from the menu.
  • By using the Alt+Shift+Left-Arrow keyboard shortcut.

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How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Docs

Dark mode helps to reduce eye strain and saves the battery from draining quickly. 

While it’s easy to switch to dark mode in smartphones, not all desktop applications have this functionality built-in.

This tutorial will explain the methods to switch to dark mode on your smartphone (Android) and desktop web browsers.

3 Ways to Enable Dark Mode in Google Docs

  • Enable Dark Mode on Chrome
  • Enable Dark Mode on FireFox
  • Enable Dark Mode on Android 

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