How to Print the Title Row on Every Page in MS Excel

If you have a spreadsheet with a large number of rows, it might extend to the next page when you print it. You would’ve noticed that the header row or title gets printed only on the first page.

To avoid this, you can set the title in such a way that it gets printed on every page. The following method will help you do the same.

Method for printing the title row on every page in Microsoft Excel:

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How to Print Gridlines in MS Excel

Gridlines are not printed on a Microsoft Excel worksheet or workbook by default. But you might want to print them to improve the readability of the data. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can achieve this in a few easy steps.

2 Methods for printing gridlines in Microsoft Excel:

  • Use the Page Layout menu
  • Use the keyboard shortcut

Let us begin.

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How to Show and Hide Gridlines in MS Excel

The faint lines that appear between cells on a worksheet are known as gridlines. 

Depending on your type of work, gridlines can be both useful and bothersome. They are important in separating cells when working with a lot of data. Meanwhile, if you have a specific format for your document, you might want to remove them.

3 Methods to show and hide gridlines in Microsoft Excel:

  • Use the View menu
  • Use the keyboard shortcut
  • Change the background color

Let us begin.

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How to Set the Print Area in MS Excel

If you don’t want to print your entire Excel sheet, you can select a specific range of cells to be printed. You can also select multiple ranges of cells. Each range can be printed on a separate page. You can keep adding to your existing print area, and you can also clear out all the print areas. 

If you want a preview, you can view all the print areas before actually printing them out. Printing pre-selected areas in Excel is not just a great feature, but also an easy one that you can do in seconds.

3 Methods to set the print area in Microsoft Excel:

  • Use Set Print Area
  • Use Add Print Area
  • Use the Page Setup dialog box

Let us begin.

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How to Print an Entire Workbook in MS Excel

Even in this digitized world, we need printouts. We need hard copies of books, reports, financial statements, and more. A workbook printout can aid in many ways, including the following:

  • You will not be at the mercy of the internet connectivity to use the workbook.
  • You do not need your laptop or phone to view the workbook.
  • Once the data is ready, a workbook printout is more portable and workable to use.
  • Most people prefer using a printout rather than viewing the data online.

2 Methods to print an entire workbook in Microsoft Excel:

  • Use the Print Entire Workbook option
  • Use the Print Active Sheets option

Let us begin.

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How to Fix ‘You can’t make this change because the selection is locked’ Error in MS Word

You are trying to edit a document, but you cannot start editing. MS Word displays an error message “you can’t make this change because the selection is locked.”

There may be many reasons for the above message. Fortunately, it is quite easy to get rid of the problem so you can start editing the document.

We will show you six reasons why the message is displayed, and how to fix each:

  • Activate your Office Suite
  • Edit document from Print Layout
  • Disable Mark as Final
  • Disable Restrict Editing
  • Modify properties of the document
  • Create a New Document

We will use simple, step-by-step instructions.

Let’s start.

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How to Create Venn Diagram in MS PowerPoint

Venn diagrams are useful when you want to show logical relationships between sets using a graphic. In PowerPoint it is very easy to create these kinds of diagrams.

2 Methods for creating a Venn diagram in Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • Using Basic Shapes
  • Using SmartArt

We will show you both methods in simple, step-by-step instructions.

Let us begin.

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How to Print MS Word Document

Even in our digital age, we still need printouts of our electronic documents.

Microsoft Word has many parameters which you can change to ensure you obtain the optimum printed document.

In this article, we will share the three quick methods of printing a document, and then list the many parameters available to customize your printout.

3 Methods to print a Microsoft Word document:

  • Use the menu structure
  • Use a keyboard shortcut
  • Use the Quick Access Toolbar

Let us begin.

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How to Type in Small Caps in MS Word

To emphasize text in a document, one might use capital letters, however this is often interpreted as equivalent to shouting. A better alternative is to use small caps when you want to emphasize text.

The difference between regular and small caps is their size. Small caps are of the same height as lowercase letters. Regular caps are larger. 

3 Ways to apply small caps in Microsoft Word:

  • Change existing text to small caps using the Fonts menu.
  • Change existing text to small caps using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Type continuously in small caps. 

We will show you the above in simple, step-by-step instructions.

Let us begin.

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How to create Venn Diagrams in MS Word

Do you need to show the logical relationships between two or more sets of items?

Then Venn diagrams are perfect for such representations. You can use them to organize things graphically. Venn diagrams can highlight similar and different items. Although it is customary to draw Venn diagrams using circles, it is possible to use any other shape as well.

2 Methods of creating Venn diagrams in Microsoft Word:

  • Using Shapes
  • Using SmartArt Graphics

We will show you both methods using simple, step-by-step instructions.

Let us begin!

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