How to freeze rows in google sheets

Freezing rows can help you in better visualization and analysis of the spreadsheet data.

2 Ways to Freeze Rows in Google Sheets

  • Freeze the first row 
  • Freeze a certain number of rows up to the current row

Freezing the rows will also ensure that the row sticks on the top while scrolling. So if you want to pin a row to the top, check the above 2 methods.

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How to Create Split Cells in Google Sheets

Knowing how to create split cells in Google Sheets can save you a lot of time when compiling data. This can be for names, addresses, personal information, and so on. You can even use this for storing items in your shop, as long as you have a proper format.

Now, there are two ways to split your cells. 

2 Ways to Create Split Cells in Google Sheets

  • Using the SPLIT function
  • Using the Split text to columns feature

Both these methods have varying effects, but with the same outcome. We’ll explain in detail what we mean by that later on. Throughout this article, we’ll go over examples, the pros and cons of both methods, and when you should split cells in Google Sheets. If you aren’t familiar with Google Sheets at all, you have nothing to worry about!

The steps below are made with beginners in mind, so you should be able to just follow through the tutorial. Without further ado, here’s how you can create split cells in Google Sheets.

Let’s dive right in!

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How to Wrap Text in Google Sheets

Learning how to wrap text in Google Sheets is a fantastic skill that helps you take your spreadsheets to the next level. It’s one of those underrated skills that show just how particular you are with the details in your presentation. Being able to clearly see your text, information, or any data on your spreadsheet is a massive plus to productivity. 

With that said, there are a couple of ways that you can go about wrapping text in Google Sheets.

3 Ways to Wrap Text in Google Sheets

  • Wrap text through format tab
  • Wrapping text through the toolbar
  • Manually wrapping your text

Each method has its perks, especially the third one where you can manually wrap your own text. With that said, we’ll cover all of this later on in a step-by-step guide. We’ll also provide examples and sample spreadsheets that you can download so you can try this out for yourself.

With that said, don’t be intimidated to follow this article if you’re new to Google Sheets. These steps are beginner-friendly and should be easy for you to go over.

Let’s get started! 

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How to Merge Cells in Google Sheets

Being able to merge your cells is a useful skill whenever you’re making a spreadsheet on Google Sheets. The feature lets you combine your cells, to make it easier to read and give your text some room to breathe. In this article, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of giving your Google Sheet a clearer view by merging your cells.

Now, there are three ways you can go about merging your cells.

3 Ways to Merge Cells in Google Sheets

  • Merge chosen cells horizontally
  • Merge selected cells vertically
  • Merge all horizontal and vertical cells

These three different methods will dictate the orientation of how your cells will be merged. We’ll go over the differences of these three, as we guide you through the process of using each of them. Additionally, we’ll also provide the pros and cons of each variation, and give you examples of when you should use them. Be sure to stick towards the end where we’ll show you how you can merge cells without using the Format button. 

Even if you aren’t familiar with Google sheets, this article was written to be beginner-friendly. With that in mind, here’s how you can merge cells in Google Sheets.

Let’s get started!

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How to Lock Cells in Google Sheets

4 Ways to Lock Cells in Google Sheets

  • Locking specific cells, so that other cells can still be edited
  • Locking specific cells but allowing other users to edit the locked cells
  • Show a warning when trying to edit, but allow editing
  • Locking the entire sheet

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