How to Print the Title Row on Every Page in MS Excel

If you have a spreadsheet with a large number of rows, it might extend to the next page when you print it. You would’ve noticed that the header row or title gets printed only on the first page.

This is the default behavior in excel.

It is also possible to print the title row on every page while printing your worksheet. IN this tutorial will share the exact steps to achieve the same.

Easy Method for printing the title row on every page in Microsoft Excel:

Step #1: Open your workbook

For our example, we will use a Kaggle dataset that has more than 2000 rows of data.

When we look at the print preview, the title, i.e. the first row, gets printed only on the first page.

The other pages don’t contain the title.

Step #2: Navigate to Page Layout

In the main menu bar, select the Page Layout tab.

In the Page Layout ribbon, select the Print Titles icon.

This would open the Page Setup dialog box. 

Step #3: Select the range of cells 

In the Page Setup window, select the Sheet tab.

In the Print titles section, you will see a text box titled: Rows to repeat at top

Click on the arrow icon in the extreme right of this text box.

This action will minimize the window, taking you back to your spreadsheet.

Click on the row that you’d like to use as the title row, by clicking on its number to the extreme left.

In our example, we select row 1 here. 

After selecting the row to be repeated, click on the arrow icon again to open the Page Setup window.

Step #4: Check the print preview

Once the Page Setup window is open again, click on the Print Preview button.

Now, you can see that the title row is repeated on every page.

After confirming the preview, click the OK button to confirm your choices.


When you have large amounts of data that continue over several pages, it can be useful to have the title row printed on every page. Fortunately, you can easily do that in Excel using the above method.

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