How to add a hyperlink in Google docs

Google docs make it super easy to add a hyperlink to web pages from within the document.

Hyperlinking will make a piece of text clickable. Clicking on the link will take the user to the linked web page. This feature can be very handy if you reference a lot of online sources.

In this post, we will share step by step instructions to insert hyperlinks in a google doc.

How to insert a hyperlink in the Google docs?

In this article, we will share two methods to insert hyperlink in google doc.

  1. Using the toolbar
  2. Through the keyboard shortcut

How to insert a hyperlink in the Google docs using the Toolbar?


Select the text you want to add a link to in the Google Docs


Click on the Insert button in the Menu bar. After clicking the insert, a drop-down menu will be available.

From there select the Link option.


After clicking the link alternative, the pop-up dialog box for the link will open.


In the dialog box, enter the URL of a valid web address to the website you want to link to.

Click on apply button to insert the link.


This is how the hyperlinked text will appear.

Insert hyperlink using Keyboard Shortcut

Google Docs offer a handy keyboard shortcut to insert hyperlinks.

  • Select the text that you want to hyperlink
  • Press Control + k
  • A pop-up box will appear on the screen
  • Add the URL of the targeted website 
  • Then hit Apply

A Hyperlink will be added to that section in the Google docs. This shortcut can be particularly handy if you have to insert a lot of hyperlinks.

Editing and Removing the Hyperlink.

Editing or Removing the hyperlink is straightforward. Simply click on the text with a hyperlink.

A Menu bar will appear. There you will see options to Edit / Delete the link.


Well at the end of this article, we are sure that you have mastered the process of how to hyperlink a text document in Google Docs. If you want to know anything further, kindly write to us in the comment section.

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