How to double space in MS Word

MS Word has great options for formatting text. In this tutorial, I will share step by step instructions to add double space in a word document.

Double spacing means that your text contains a full blank line between two rows. Double spacing is mainly useful for improving text readability.

Double spacing also makes it easy to add feedback in a printed document. Since there is a blank line between each row, you can use the empty space for writing feedback.

How to do Double Space in MS Word?

I will be sharing two techniques

  1. Double-space the whole document
  2. Double-space specific part of the document

Lets start

How to double space the whole document


Click on Design button from the toolbar on the top.  


After that, select Paragraph Spacing from the drop-down menu and next click on Double.

Double-space will be applied to each of the lines in that document.

Apply Double spacing to a particular part of the document

You can also double-space specific parts of the document. Here are the steps.


Select a particular line or lines in the document. Now in the Home tab, click the icon of Line and Paragraph spacing.


From the drop-down list select the desired spacing you want in between the lines.


After you click that particular value, the selected text will show the desired spacing between the lines.

Double spacing will be applied to that selected paragraph.


Changing Line heights and paragraph spacing is quite straightforward. I hope you liked the tutorial.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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