How to Print a Word Document Without Comments

If you have collaborated with other authors on creating a word document, chances are that you would have used its comments feature.

The comment feature lets you share feedback on specific parts of the document, it makes collaborating easy and straightforward.

Word, by default, also prints out the comments along with the document content.

But what if you don’t want to print the comments with the word doc?

Well, in this post I will be sharing two techniques that can be used to print a word document without the comments.

2 ways to print a word document without comments

  • Hide the comments from the document
  • Unselect the comments from printing using printer settings

Important Note:

The techniques shared here will not remove the comments. They will simply hide the comments from the print output.

Lets start with the tutorial.

Method #1: Turn off the Markup area under Review

Step 1: Open the Word document

Open the doc, you will see the comments area on the right hand panel. It will display all the comments in the doc.

Step 2: Go to Review -> All Markup Menu.

Clicking on the dropdown will display multiple choices like

  • Simple Markup
  • All Markup
  • No Markup
  • Original

Simply select No Markup from the dropdown menu.

Word will hide the markup area. Although you will no longer see your comments, Word has not deleted them , only hidden them from the view and from being printed.

  • Here is how the document will appear with hidden comments/markup area.

Step 4: Print the document

  • Now that the comments are hidden from view, you can simply go ahead and print the document.
  • It will print without the comments.

Step 5: Make comments visible again

  • You can easily make the comments visible again by going to Review -> All Markup Menu.
  • Simply select Simple Markup / All Markup from the options and it will display the comments again.

Method #2: Change Markup Area from Print Menu

Step 1: Open the Word document with comments showing in the markup area.

Step 2: Go to File -> Print

  • Here you can clearly see that the print preview display the comments.
  • It means that the printer will print the document along with the comments in the markup area

Step 3: Unselect Markup area from printing.

  • Click on Settings -> Print All Pages. A drop-down menu appears.
  • At the bottom of the menu, simply uncheck the Print Markup option.
  • It will hide the comments from the print view.

Step 4: Print the document.

Simply print the document. Only the document content will be printed.


If you go back to the word document, you will see the comments in the markup area.

This happens because we have not hidden the comments from the word, we simply unselect the markup area from the print output.


Comments are useful when editing documents while sharing them. To print the document without the comments, use one of the two methods illustrated above.

If you want to print only comments in a word document, then follow this tutorial.

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