How to Print Only Comments in Word

When several people are collaborating on a Microsoft Word document, they can insert comments and revision features making the process of editing much easier.

It enables the team to view changes to the document while reading the comments and critiques.

While you may print the content of the document along with the comments, it is also possible to print the comments alone.

Printing only the comments has its own advantages. Once the editing process is over, it is customary to remove the comments to allow the document to look more presentable.

Before removing the comments, you may want to preserve a hard copy of the comments and suggestions for later review with your collaborators.

Word allows printing the entire document along with the comments or printing only the comments. While printing the comments alone,

Word also allows displaying selective comments for printing.

Simply follow the steps below.

Step #1: Open the Document with Comments

Open the Word document and navigate to the page containing comments.

Step #2: Display the Comments

  • If Word is not displaying the comments in the Markup area, Click on the Review tab on the top menu bar
  • Now click on the topmost tab in the Tracking section of the ribbon, and change it from No Markup to All Markup.
  • Click on the tab Show Markup and ensure all selections—Comments, Insertions and Deletions, and Formatting—have a tick mark on their left.
  • This should display all the comments in the markup area.

Step #3: Display Selective Comments

Clicking on the tab Specific People allows you to display (and print) comments from specific collaborators rather than from all.

Once you have set up the comments properly, click on the File tab on the top menu bar.

Step #4: Display Comments in Print Preview

  • Click on the Print tab on the left.
  • The print preview should show the comments in the markup area.
  • If Word is not displaying comments in the markup area, Click on Print All Pages under Settings
  • Click on Print Markup to make sure there is a tick mark on its left.
  • This will display the comments.

Step #5: Switch to Print Only Comments

  • Click on Print All Pages again to open the drop down menu.
  • Within the menu, click on List of Markup.
  • This is the switch for printing only comments. If you do not select this switch, Word will print both the contents and the comments in your document.

Step #6: Print

  • Click on the Print icon.
  • The printer should print only the comments you have chosen.


Comments and revision features are part of the collaboration process when several people are reviewing a Microsoft Word document.

If you want to print only the comments and not the entire contents of the document, simply follow the six steps above.

If you want to print a word document without comments, then follow this tutorial.

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