How to print Black and White on MS Word

You may have a Word document with many colored diagrams and texts, but want it printed in black and white for several reasons—maybe it is only a test print, or you want to see how the margins will look when printed, and so on.

If you have a black and white printer, then there is no issue. Simply print the document and it will print in black and white. However, if your device is a color printer, then printing in black and white requires setting some controls.

In this tutorial, I will share step by step instruction to print a black and white word document using a color printer.

Step 1: Open your Word document that has colored text/images.

On the menu bar at the top, click on File to open the File menu.

Step 2: Check under Printer to see if Word has your default device.

If not, click on the little triangle on the right and choose the appropriate printer.

Step 3: Click on Printer Properties under Printer.

Word will open a dialog for setting the properties of your device.

The dialog structure and printer properties presented will depend on the brand and drivers installed for the device.

I have a Canon G1010 Colored Printer on my system.

Step 4: Select Grayscale Printing

I will simply go to Printer Properties -> Main -> Grayscale Printing.

Checking Grayscale Printing will ensure that the document prints in Black and White.

Note: These settings will slightly differ based on brand and model of your printer.

Step 5: Click on the Print icon to print the pages you want.

Note: If you do not change the printer mode, it will continue printing in black and white, until you close the document and exit Word. The printer will then revert to its default color printing mode.


Printing a document containing colored items in black and white is easy if you follow the four steps as above.

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