How to add page numbers in Google Docs

In this post I will share step by step instructions for adding page number in google docs.

If you are creating a long document, then adding page numbers can help in organizing and making the document more user friendly.

Adding page numbers in a google doc is straightforward. Here is the step by step instruction for adding page numbers.

How to add page number in a Google Doc

From the toolbar, go to Insert -> Page Numbers. there you see a popup which will let you choose between various page number styles.

Click on any of the format will insert the page number in your google doc. By default the number appears in header, but it is also possible to display the numbers in the footer of the document.

Page Number display formats

There are a total of 4 display formats to choose from.

  • Add Page Numbers to the top right of every page
  • Add Page number to the bottom right of every page
  • Add Page number to the top right starting from 2nd page
  • Add page number to bottom right starting from 2nd page

It is also possible to insert the page number in Header or the footer part of the document. You do that my going to Page options. Refer to the screenshot

Can you start numbering from a page of your choice?

As of now it is only possible to start numbering from the first or the second page. This is a known limitation and currently there is no workaround.


Adding page number to google docs is quite straight forward. If you have any questions, pls feel free to ask in comments.

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