How to check word count in Google Docs

In this tutorial I will share step by step instructions to perform a word count in Google Doc. It is quite easy and only takes a few clicks.

This feature is really hand and lets you keep a tab on how much you have written.

How to count words in a Google Doc

Go to the Menu and select Toolbar->Word Count.

It will open up a popup window which will display the word count. You can also see other important info like number of pages and character count.

In all, it displays 4 pieces of information.

  • Total Pages
  • Word count
  • Character count
  • Characters including spaces.

How to count words in a specific section

It is also possible to count the number of words in a specific section.

All you need to do is simply highlight the specific section and perform the word count. It will display the word count only for the highlighted section.

Keyboard Shortcut to display the word count.

If you are a keyboard ninja then you can simply use the Command+Shift+C combination to display the word count popup box. It will open the popup without having to go to the toolbar.

Points to Note

An important point to note is that , as of now, the word count does not include the words / characters in the footer / header part of the document.

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