How to change margins in Google Docs

In this post, I will be sharing step by step instructions for changing the margins in a google doc.

What are Margins?

Margin is the space between the main content area and the page edges. It keeps the text from colliding with edges of the document. Margin is also often required to accommodate different types of binding for the printed documents.

Are Margins same as indent?

The answer is No.

We would advise not to confuse the margins with the indents.

An indent describes how far the paragraph’s first line should be offset from the margin. There can be a 1-inch margin and half-inch indent so that the texts will begin from the 1.5 inches from the page’s edge.

A document might contain many different indents throughout the entire document, but a document will have an only single margin.

How to change margins in Google Doc

Now that our basics are clear, lets see how to set the margins in a google doc.

There are two different ways to set the margins in the Google docs. Let us check out the two processes one by one.

  1. Using Ruler
  2. Using Page Setup

Lets look at each of them.

1. Change the margin using Page Ruler

First ensure that the Ruler is visible.

If the ruler is not visible, then you have to turn on the option by clicking view and then click show ruler. Refer to the screenshot

Now that the ruler is visible, you can easily change the margin by dragging the ruler with your mouse.

1.1 Change the Left and Right Margin

Now let us begin with the left margin.

You have to position the pointer of the mouse anywhere near the grey zone which points to the margin. It should be to the top of the screen on the left side of the ruler. Pointer now changes into an arrow of two directions.

You can simply drag it to increase or decrease the margin

Changing Indent

The end of the margin also includes a downward-pointing triangle and a tiny blue rectangle.

These signs indicate the left and the first line indents respectively. As the icons of the indent move with the margin, you can position the indents also.

By default, the document you have uploaded will not have any indents. But you can move the first line indent about half or inch to the right.

1.2 Change the Top and Bottom Margin

In the same way, you can also adjust the top and bottom margins. Just move the grey margin as much as you want.

The top and the bottom margins can be found on the left side vertical ruler of the screen.

2. Change the margins using page setup

If you are not comfortable using the mouse, you can also set margin using Page Setup Options.

Go to File >Page Setup

It will open a dialog box which will have all the options foe setting up Top , Bottom, Left and Right Margins.

Simply enter the value and click OK. This is a much easier process and less error prone.


I hope this tutorial has cleared all your doubts about how to modify the margins in the Google docs. You are now the master of this segment and the margins of your document will be completely under your control.

If you have any question, pls feel free to ask in comments.

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