How to create Hanging Indent in Google Doc

A hanging indent is a great alternative if you need to format a citation or just want to add some attractive formatting to your document.

In Google Docs, there are two ways through which you can create a hanging indent.

In this tutorial, we will share two techniques that can be used to create a hanging indent.

What is Hanging Indent?

A hanging indent is a type of formatting style for text that is often implied in bibliographies or academic citations.

The name hanging indent is so because the first line of the text has a regular indentation while from the second line, they are indented further from the first one.

This makes the first line look like it is hanging on over the rest. 

How to Create a Hanging Indent In Google Docs

Now if the concept of the hanging indent is clear, let’s move to implement hanging indents in google docs

We will be sharing two techniques in this tutorial. They are:

  • Using the Toolbar
  • Using Ruler

Lets Begin

Method 1: Hanging Indent using the Toolbar

Select the text for which you want to create the hanging indent.

Now go to Format->Align and Indent -> Indentation Options

Now in the special indent section, click on the drop-down options and then hit Hanging. 

Now enter the indent amount in the Special Indent Text Box.

After you click ‘Apply’, you get the desired indent in your texts as shown in the diagram below. 

Method 2: Create a Hanging Indent using a ruler

First, Make sure that the ruler is visible in your document.

If not, then simply switch it on by clicking on view and then Show ruler

Next again choose the text on which you want to do the hanging indent which can be a sentence or a paragraph. 

Now in the ruler section, click and drag the control of the left indent control which is a small blue triangle pointing downwards.

Drag the control anywhere you want to create the hanging indent.

Now click and drag the control of the right indent which is a blue bar next above the blue triangle.

Now move it to the point where the first line should begin. Now leave the control of the right indent.

Finally, you have created a hanging indent through a ruler.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions. Pls feel free to ask in the comments section.

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