How to create a Block Quote in Google Docs

When you have more than four lines of quotations, you might want to use a block quotation. However, Google Docs doesn’t offer a direct way for you to use block quotes. 

Fortunately, there is a workaround to use block quotes in Google Docs.

By manual formatting

Using this method, you can manually format a quote to a blockquote.

Step 1: Identify your quote.

The sentence introducing a quote ends with a colon, indicating the start of a quote. Here, the middle paragraph is the quote.

Step 2: Highlight the quote.

You can highlight the lines by dragging your cursor across the lines. Alternatively, you can use the Shift and arrow keys to highlight a piece of text.

Step 3: Increase the left indent.

Now, you have to increase the left indent. You can do this in three ways. You can use the Increase indent icon in the toolbar.

You can also increase the left indent using the Format option from the main menu bar. Tap on Format, click on Align & indent. Now, select Increase indent.

Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + ]. This would increase the left indent, making your quote look like the image shown below.

Step 4: Move the right margin to a 6.

On the top right, below the toolbar, you can find the blue marker indicating the right indent. Drag it to a 6 on the scale.

Now, your quote would look like the image shown below.

Step 5: Double-space your quote.

For some extra emphasis, you can double-space your quote. You can do this by clicking the Line & paragraph spacing option in the toolbar and tapping on Double

Alternatively, you can go to the Format option in the main menu bar. Click on Line & paragraph spacing and select Double.

The final quote after all the formatting would look like the image shown below.

Wrapping up

The above method shows you how to use block quotes in Google Docs easily. No more struggling to use block quotes in your Google Docs.

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