How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Docs

Dark mode helps to reduce eye strain and saves the battery from draining quickly. 

While it’s easy to switch to dark mode in smartphones, not all desktop applications have this functionality built-in.

This tutorial will explain the methods to switch to dark mode on your smartphone (Android) and desktop web browsers.

3 Ways to Enable Dark Mode in Google Docs

  • Enable Dark Mode on Chrome
  • Enable Dark Mode on FireFox
  • Enable Dark Mode on Android 

Method 1 : Enable dark Mode on Chrome

This method will work for chrome and all the chrome-based browsers like Brave, Edge, Vivaldi, etc.

Step 1: Open your Google Docs file.

Step 2: Using Google Chrome (Experimental Feature)

Type in chrome://flags in your browser tab and hit enter.

Next, type Dark mode in the search box. 

Afterward, click the Default button parallel to the Force Dark for Web Contents.

Now select Enabled from the dropdown, and click Relaunch.

The output:

This turns everything dark except the writing panel. One other drawback of this method is it tries to turn every website into the dark mode. 

Additionally, it’s an experimental feature; so, it might malfunction with some websites.

Step 3: Using Google Chrome Extension

Navigate to this extension.

Next, click Add to Chrome

Select Add extension from the pop-up.

To see the icon of the installed extension, click this and Pin the symbol besides Dark Reader.

Finally, reload your Google Docs file, and it’ll show in dark mode.

You can also switch back to the light mode by that extension toggle button.

Method 2: Enable Dark Mode For Firefox

This method will work for firefox and all the Firefox-based browsers like Waterfox, Pale Moon, SeaMonkey, etc.

Step 1: Installing the Extension

Navigate to this same extension and click Add to Firefox. Subsequently, Click Add to the pop-up.

Step 2: Extension Settings

Click the Dark Reader icon on the top right. Now check if the button parallel to is turned on. 

Step 3: Reload

Finally, reload by pressing F5 while in the Google Docs window. 

Method 3 : Enable dark Mode On Android OS

Step 1: Open Google Docs File

Open your file and click the three vertical dots on the top right.

Step 2: Switch to Dark Theme

Select View in dark theme.

Step 3: Toggle back (if needed)

Similarly, you can also switch back to the light mode by following a similar procedure.


That’s it in this tutorial. Please comment for any queries. 

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