How to have different headers on each page in Google Docs

The header is the first thing we see in a document.

Most of the time, having a single header is adequate for the entire document.

But, what will you do if you want to have a unique header for each page?

This short article will discuss one surefire way to solve this issue for any google docs file.

In a nutshell, this process includes putting section breaks on each page and then changing headers on each one of them.

Let’s jump into it to look at the details.

Step 1: Open your Google Docs file.

To illustrate, I’m taking this seven-page document, which is a Google Doc version of How to Highlight Text in Google Sheets.

I’ll put the name of days (Monday to Sunday) as the unique header for each page.

Step 2: Click Insert and select Header & Footers

This will add a general header to each page. I have entered Monday, highlighted in yellow.

Step 3: Adding Section Breaks

The previous step will add Monday as a header to the entire document.

So, I’ll add section breaks after each page and change the header individually.

For that, click Insert, go to Breaks from the drop-down, and then select Section break (next page).

Step 4: Modifying Individual Headers

Next, double-click the header that is to be changed. You’ll notice something like this:

It’s showing the same header as that of the previous page.

To change that, uncheck the Link to previous box, shown on the right side beside Options.

Once you do that, this header will disappear, like this:

Now enter the new header, different from the last one. 

I’ve entered the new header as Tuesday, highlighted in bright green.

Repeat this for every page, and you can create distinctive headers for every page in your Google Doc’s file.


That’s it, folks. I hope you’ve learned to put unique headers for each page. Please comment for any queries.

5 thoughts on “How to have different headers on each page in Google Docs”

  1. Can you do this with footers? When I try to do this, I click “Insert,” then when I locate “Break,” it’s grayed out and I can’t select it.

  2. Thank you.

    Is it possible to do side-by-side headers, on the same line?

    In other words, text on the left side of the header as well as text on the same line, on the right side of the header.


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