How to Make a Cover Page in Google Docs

If a cover page is not attractive, most people will lose interest in reading the document. An attractive cover page can draw people to your document. You don’t have to worry about using special graphics design software. With Google Docs, you can create the perfect title page.

The steps given below will show you how to design your cover page.

A simple method to create cover pages with Google Docs:

  • Remove margins and insert drawing

Method 1: Remove margins and insert drawing

Step 1: Open a new or existing document.

Step 2: Select Page setup.

Click on File. Next, scroll down and click on Page setup.

Step 3: Reduce margin size.

Under Margins, reduce all margin sizes to zero.

Step 4: Open Drawing.

The page has no margins at this point. Now, we have to create and insert the drawing. 

Click on the insert option and click Drawing

Next, select New. This will take you to a new design space. If you have an existing design in your Google Drive, select From Drive. If you don’t, select New and proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Draw a rectangle.

From the top ribbon, click on the insert shapes icon. Click on Shapes. Next, select the rectangular shape and drag the mouse across the space to create a rectangle. 

Step 6: Design background.

Fill the rectangle with a color. You can either select a solid color or a gradient. If you want a picture as the background, skip this step.

Step 7: Insert image.

You can insert a picture from your computer or Google drive. From the ribbon, select the insert image icon. Next, select your picture source.

Step 8: Insert text.

This is where you can insert the author’s name and the title of the document. Click the T icon at the top of the space. You can write any text you want in the text box. 

Step 9: Close the Drawing window.

After completing your design, click on Save and close.

Step 10: Fill the cover page.

Next, drag the edges of the design to fill the entire page.

Wrapping up

In a world where most people have a short attention span, attractive designs are vital. The ten steps above will help you create eye-catching cover pages with Google Docs.

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