How to insert Image in a cell in Google Sheets

You can neatly arrange pictures in your Google Sheet to correspond to cells in a column. 

Say you have the names of some fruits in a column, and you want to insert images of the fruits in the adjacent cells to increase visual appeal. Google Sheets allows you to insert images in cells.  

2 methods to insert an image in Google Sheets

  • Using the Image in Cell option
  • Using the IMAGE function

Method 1: Using the Image in Cell option

This is one of the easiest methods to insert an image into a cell.

Step 1: Open your Google Sheets Spreadsheet

Open your google drive and right-click to select Google Sheets. This will open up a new spreadsheet. 

Step 2: Click on the cell you want to insert an image

Step 3: Click on Image in Cell

Click Insert from the main menu bar. This will open up a drop-down. Click Image and then Image in Cell.

Step 4: Pick an Image

Once you reach the Insert Image dialog box, click on the medium you wish to use to insert your image. There are multiple ways you can do this. From the tabs present, you can click whatever suits you best. 

  • UPLOAD – Using this option, you can upload a file from your computer
  • CAMERA – You can take a snapshot through the webcam
  • BY URL – You can add an image from an URL
  • PHOTOS – You can select a photo from the images saved to your Google Images
  • GOOGLE DRIVE – You can select a picture from your Google Drive
  • GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH – You can pick an image from the internet

For instance, inserting an image using the GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH here.

Step 5: Click Insert after selecting your image

After selecting your image, click insert at the bottom right corner of the dialog box. 

Now, you can see the image inserted into the cell. You can resize the image by resizing the row or column. 

Method 2: Using the IMAGE function

This is another method to insert an image in a cell. 

Step 1: Click Image from the Function option

From the Main Menu Bar, click on Insert, which will open up a drop-down. Click Function, followed by Google. Finally, click on Image

Step 2: Fill in the query 

Clicking the image option will insert an empty query in the cell you’ve selected. Click on the question near the cell to view the syntax.

Each of these parameters means a different thing. The URL parameter is vital, and the success of this function is dependent on this parameter. Copy the link of the image you want, then paste it here. You need to wrap the URL in a quote, like this:


Select any cell and paste the syntax into the formula bar. You can find the formula bar between the menu and the letters indicating column names.

Note that you can’t use Google Drive links with the Image function.

The [mode] parameter helps you to decide the image size you want. It can only be one of the following:

  1. It resizes the image to fit your cell, and this sizing mode is selected by default. This mode does not affect the aspect ratio.
  2. It shrinks the image to fit the cell without affecting the aspect ratio.
  3. It keeps the image in its original size.
  4. This final sizing mode allows you to specify the height and width you desire in pixels.

If you want to choose your preferred sizing mode, then do this:

=IMAGE(“”, 1)

The number 1 at the end signifies that you want to use the first sizing mode. You can replace this with 2, 3, or 4, depending on the mode you want.

Step 3: Press Enter to see your image

Now, you can see the image inserted into your desired cell. 

Wrapping Up

You don’t need to scratch your head to insert an image into a cell anymore. Use any of the above methods to insert an image into your cell easily. 

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