How to turn on Dark Mode in Google Sheets

If you work long hours on Google Sheets, switching to Dark Mode will be great for you to avoid straining the eyes. You can choose this for aesthetic reasons as well. 

We will cover how to turn on Dark Mode on Android and desktop/laptop browsers. 

2 methods to turn on dark mode in Google Sheets

  • Turning on dark mode on Android 
  • Turning on dark mode on browser

Method 1: Turning on dark mode on Android 

Turning on dark mode on Android and iOS devices like iPhone and iPad follow a similar process. 

Step 1. Navigate to Settings. 

First, open Google Sheets on your Android device. Click on the three horizontal lines icon at the top-right corner.

This will open a sidebar with settings. Click on Settings.

Step 2. Choosing the correct theme. 

Navigate to Choose theme under Theme on settings. 

Click on Dark in the pop-up tab that opens up.

You will see the dark theme implemented instantaneously. 

If you want to view the individual sheets with a light theme, you can. Open your worksheet. Click on the three dots to the top right on your phone screen. 

Click on View in light theme option. You will get the following result. 

Method 2: Turning on dark mode on browser 

The dark mode is not a built-in option offered by Google on the desktop version. You can at the most turn dark mode on partially for sheets and across the Chrome browser. To turn on dark mode on a browser, here’s what you can do.

Step 1: Using Chrome flags. 

Open Google Chrome and paste the following address in a new tab: 


You will get a tab as follows. 

Step 2: Implementing the Force Dark Mode. 

In the search bar, type Force Dark Mode and you will get the result as Force Dark Mode for Web Contents. 

Here, right-click on the Default option. Select Enabled. Now click Relaunch.

You will see the following result when Chrome relaunches. 

Here’s how sheets will appear. 

You can see it implemented only partially on a sample worksheet. 


We hope these methods worked for you. If you know of any additional methods that we can use, include them in the comments.

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