How to Combine MS Word Documents

Combining the contents of Microsoft Word documents should be easy. Simply copy and paste one document into the other. This method works well, provided the documents are small.

The copy and paste method becomes tedious when the documents are large. It is even more tedious when merging several large documents.

MS Word makes it easier to combine many documents with a simple method. We will show you this method with easy, step-by-step instructions.

Let us begin.

Step #1: Rename the documents

Rename the documents with a prefix or suffix in the order that you want to combine them.

For this example, we will combine four documents: 

  • Document A.docx, 
  • Document B.docx, 
  • Document C.docx, and 
  • Document D.docx.

Step #2: Open a Word Document

You can combine all documents into an existing document or into a new one.

Open an existing document into which you want to combine other documents.

Note: You can also open a new blank document to combine all the documents.

For this example, we will combine the other documents into Document A.

Position the cursor at the end of Document A.

Step #3: Select the documents

Click on the Insert tab in the top menu bar to change the ribbon.

In the section Text, click on the down triangle beside the Object icon.

This opens a menu.

Click on Text from File…

This will open the File manager.

Navigate to the folder where you have all the documents you want to combine.

Click on and hold on to the first document you want to combine (Document B).

Drag down to select the rest of the documents (Document C and Document D).

Note: If you are combining into a new document, you must select all documents A-D.

Make sure you have selected all the documents to combine.

Click on the Insert button at the bottom of the screen.

Word will combine the contents of the documents in the order you have specified.


Combining several documents into one Word document is easy. This is the best method to use if you have large documents. 

The trick is in the renaming, because if you do not rename them alphabetically, they will be imported in a sequence you may not want.

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