How to Create a Map in MS Word

Is your friend coming to visit but don’t know where you live? You can send your friend a cleverly drawn map to make locating your home easier.

You can easily draw a map of your locality in MS Word. You can create it using basic shapes.

We will show you how in simple, step-by-step instructions.

Let’s begin!

Step #1: Open a Word document

Open a new Word document.

Step #2: Insert a basic shape

Click on the Insert tab in the top menu bar to change the ribbon.

In the section Illustrations, click on the Shapes icon.

This will open a window with various shapes.

Pick a shape like a parallelogram from Basic Shapes.

Click on the document where you want the shape to appear.

The chosen shape will now appear in the document.

Step #3: Add more shapes

Add more shapes like line, oval, and text box.

The chosen shapes will appear in the document.

Step #4: Modify the shapes

Click on the shape you want to change.

Drag the handles on the shape to change it. (Handles are the small circles on the corners as well as the circular arrow at the top, shown in red below.)

Copy the changed shape and arrange them the way you want for the map.

Right-click inside the shape to open a menu.

Click on the Fill icon.

This will open the Theme Colors dialog box.

Pick the color you want to appear inside the shape.

Step #5: Modify the text box

Click inside the text box.

Type in the necessary text.

Modify the shape to fit the text by making use of the handles.

Step #6: Remove the text box boundary

Right-click on the text box boundary – a different menu will appear than if you click inside the text box.

Click on the Outline icon.

This will open the Theme Colors dialog box.

Tick the box next to No Outline.

Step #7: Make more copies of the text box

Depending on your map, copy the text box as many times as necessary.

Change the text as required.

Rotate the text if necessary. To do this, you will click on the circle handle at the top of the text box, and move your mouse pointer left. 

Step #8: Complete your map

Arrange all the shapes to match the basic layout of your map.


We have shown you a simple method to draw maps in MS Word. 

Use this method to make different types of maps.

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