How to Mirror / Flip Text in MS Word

Mirroring or flipping text may be necessary for decorating your Word document or for printing the text on fabric or parchment for further transfer.

Flipping text by 180 degrees changes the nature of the text, making it possible to read it only in a mirror, hence this is also known as mirroring.

Rotating a text by 180 degrees along the X-axis (around the Y-axis) causes a horizontal flip, while rotating it by 180 degrees along the Y-axis (around the X-axis) causes a vertical flip.

In both cases, the result produces a mirror image of the original—you need a mirror to read the text—with a different axis in each case.

Rotating the text in the X-Y plane (around the Z-axis) by any angle keeps the text readable always—a mirror is not necessary.

Word allows rotating text at different angles on any axis, provided you define the text by enclosing it in a text box.

When you flip the text by 180 degrees on a specific axis, you create a mirror image of the original text on that axis.

Word has a special name for such rotation—3D Rotation—on any of the three axes.

We will show you how to mirror or flip text in Word using 3-D Rotation.

Step #1: Open the Word Document

Open a blank Word document. Click on the Insert tab on the top menu bar to change the ribbon.

Step #2: Select a text box to draw

In the Text section, click on the tiny triangle beside Text Box to open several choices for inserting a text box. Select from one of the built-in text boxes or click on Draw Text Box.

Step #3: Draw a text box

When you opt for Draw Text Box, the cursor changes to a cross. Place the cross where you want the text box to appear, and while holding down the left mouse button, drag the cursor to the diagonally opposite corner. When you release the mouse button, Word creates a box. Drag the box to its proper position and size.

Step #4: Fill the text box

Fill the text box with suitable text.

Step #5: Open Shape Effects

Click the text box boundary to select it. Click on the Format tab on the top menu bar to change the ribbon. Now click on Shape Effect in the Shape Styles section. Word offers several choices for the effects.

Step #6: Open 3-D Rotation

Click on 3-D Rotation. Word offers more choices. Click on 3-D Rotation Options at the bottom.

Step #7: Expand 3-D Rotation

Word opens a Format Shape dialog on the right. Click on the Effects icon and then on 3-D Rotation to expand the dialog.

Step #8: Mirror/Flip the text

For a horizontal flip, enter 180 in the space next to X rotation. Word produces a mirror image of the original text along the X-axis. Click on Reset to reverse the flip.

For a vertical flip, enter 180 in the space next to Y rotation. Word produces a mirror image of the original text along the Y-axis. Click on Reset to reverse the flip.

Step #9: Clear the box background

While flipping, Word may fill the box with a colored background. To clear the background, click on the Fill and Line icon. Click on Fill to expand the choices. Click on No Fill to make the text box background white again.

Step #10: Return to Document

Click on the X on the right-hand corner. Word closes the Format Shape dialog and returns to the document.


Mirroring or flipping text in Word is easy if you follow the process we have outlined above. Remember to enclose the text you want to rotate within a text box, and you should be able to rotate or flip as you want.

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