How to Print Word Documents with Background Colors or Images

In your daily work-life, you may come across documents with a background color or image. Microsoft Word also allows changing the background of your document to a solid color of your choice.

In its Design menu, Word even allows you to choose from several fill effects like gradients, textures, patterns, and pictures, with innumerable varieties

However, that is only half the story.

Once you have gone through the choices, selected a pattern that you like, and embedded it as the background of your document, you face the next hurdle.

Although your document now looks beautiful, you cannot get Word to print the background along with the contents.

In this tutorial, we will share simple steps you can take to ensure that you can easily print your document with the background.

Lets start

Step #1: Open Word Document with Background

Open Word Document that has a background in it.

Step #2: View the Print Preview

Click on the File tab on the top menu bar. In the File window that opens, click on Print on the left. Word shows a print preview of your document. Observe that the preview is without a background. It means Word is not going to print the background. However, we are going to change that.

Step #3: Enable Printing of Background Colors and Images

Click on Options in the bottom left of the window. The Word Options dialog will open. Click on Display on the left side. On the right-hand side, you will see the display selections. Click on Print Background Colors and Images, making sure a tick-mark appears inside the small square on its immediate left. Now, click on OK. Word will return you to the document.

Step #4: Return to Print Review

Click on the File tab on the top menu bar. In the File window that opens, click on Print on the left. Now, the print preview of your document should be displaying the background. 

Step #5: Print Document with Background

Click on the Print icon to start printing your document and its background.


Although by default Word does not allow printing the background in your document, it is possible to circumvent the problem. The five steps we have outlined above will make the process easier for you.

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