How to Remove Watermark in Word Document

A watermark is a text or picture that is superimposed over a significantly large section of each page of a document.

It is usually laid over in light gray color so that both the content and the watermark are acceptably visible and readable.

This is sometimes called the “ghost text”.  

We often see the company logo, the company name, or words like “Confidential” or “Draft” laying around in the background of documents.

What if you want to remove the watermark?

In this tutorial, I will discuss two methods for removing watermarks from a word doc.

2 Ways to Remove Watermark in MS Word 

  • Using the Watermark button in the Ribbon
  • Using the Header and Footer Section 

Let’s get started! 

Method 1: Using the Watermark Button. 

Step 1: Open up a Word document.  


Step 2: Go to the Design tab. 

Once you have a Word document opened, go to the Design tab. You will find this somewhere at the top-right corner of your window. 

Step 3: Click the Watermark button. 

Move your cursor to the left part of your window and click the Watermark button found in the Page Background group.

This will open a drop-down menu.

Go all the way down the options and select Remove Watermark

  1. Click the Watermark drop-down button
  2. Select Remove Watermark.  

Method 2: Using the Header and Footer Section

Step 1: Open up a Word document. 

Step 2: Access the Header and Footer section. 

With your document open, double-click on any part of the Header or the Footer.

You will notice that the body of your document is temporarily disabled and the Header and Footer sections are now accessible. 

Note that the Header and the Footer are the top and bottom white spaces of your document, respectively. 

Alternatively, you can access the Header and Footer section through the Insert tab.

You will find the Header and Footer group past the middle of your window.  

Now, click either the Header or the Footer button then select Edit Header or Edit Footer, respectively. 

Step 3: Delete the watermark. 

Hover over the watermark until your mouse cursor changes to a 4-way arrow.

Once the 4-way arrow is activated, click once then press the Delete key on your keyboard.  


We hope you’ve found this article helpful! 

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