How to cite images in Powerpoint

The Internet has many images that you can use in your PowerPoint presentation. Some images are copyright, and you can use them only with the authors’ permission.

You may be using an image in your presentation with or without permission. As a basic courtesy, you must cite the source of your image. In some cases, citing the source is a necessity also. According to some copyrighting laws, you must cite images in specific ways.

In general, citing an image requires mentioning the source of the image and the author’s name. In academic settings, the citation may have to follow a formal style, like APA, MLA, or Chicago. You may have to refer to the specific style guidelines to know the method you have to follow.

The actual process of citing pictures and images in PowerPoint is quite a simple process. We will show you the process in a few simple steps.

Let’s begin.

Step #1: Open the presentation

Open the PowerPoint presentation that has the image you want to cite.

Navigate to the image you want to cite.

Step #2: Add a text box to the image

Click on the Insert tab on the top menu bar to change the ribbon.

In the section Text, click on Text Box.

The cursor will change.

Click on a suitable place within the image and drag it to form a box.

A blinking cursor should be present within the box 

Step #3: Add the citation and format it.

Add the citation you want. You can refer to the licensing guide for the relevant image, or use the academic style guide.

Once the citation is to your satisfaction, select it.

Click on the Home tab on the top menu bar to change the ribbon.

Format your citation for font type, size, alignment, bold characters, or italics.

Once satisfactory, click outside the text box to complete.

Step #4: Group citation with image

Select both the image and the citation.

Right-click anywhere on the selection to open a new menu.

Click on Group. Another menu will open.

Click on Group in the new menu.

PowerPoint will anchor the citation with the image and group them together.


Citing an image in PowerPoint is very simple. Just follow out instructions step-by-step, and you will be able to add citations like a pro.

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