What is Slide Master in PowerPoint

Slide Master is one of the most powerful tools that PowerPoint offers. Using this option, you can standardize the visual aspects of your presentation. You may not be familiar with this feature. But using Slide Master can truly make a difference.

Especially, when you work extensively with PowerPoint presentations. Here, we will explain the features of the Slide Master of PowerPoint, and how it can be useful.

Master Slide in PowerPoint

You will find the Master Slide option under the View tab in the main menu bar. The feature allows you to create master templates, also known as master slides. You can automatically add common elements you will be repeating throughout your slides. For instance, this might include a logo.

Using the feature, you can standardize the design of your presentation. You can add a common color scheme, typography, or background to all your slides. You can add whatever to your master slides.

It will show up automatically when you start working on your presentation. This way, you do not need to design each slide individually. With the slide master, you can add all your style requirements in one instance.

Using a Master Slide

Step #1: Open a new presentation

Step #2: Pick any design theme for the presentation

Click on the Design tab in the top menu bar to change the ribbon.

Select any design theme from the sections Themes and Variants.

Step #3: Use the Slide Master Option

Click on the View tab in the top menu bar to change the ribbon.

Under section Master Views, click on the Slide Master tab.

PowerPoint presents a series of slides with a specific background and color palette. It also adds the typography of the design theme you had chosen earlier.

Use any slide to duplicate a new slide. It will generate a pre-made design and layout.

How Master Slides Help?

It is necessary to understand some words when referring to master slides:

Master Slides: A feature under the View tab allowing the creation of master templates.

Layout: These are the elements in your slide. When you open a new layout, a Title Slide Layout comes up first. You can see other pre-made slides in the Layout section when you click on the Home tab. In short, the Layout is the organization of your slide.

Template: These are pre-made presentations, and you can fill them with your information. PowerPoint offers many templates for specific use. It offers templates for newsletters, diagrams, agendas, and many more.

Theme: These are pre-made sets of visual collectives you can apply to your slides. They include fonts, color palettes, and backgrounds. With themes, you can give your slides a more polished look. You can present a more cohesive design throughout the presentation. You will find Themes under the Design tab.

Why are Master Slides Useful?

Creating a master template means you basically create style guidelines. These you can apply to any slide in the presentation. Therefore, using the slide master feature allows you to create your own customized theme.

The slide master feature makes your presentation design process more efficient. You can significantly reduce the time you spend on each slide. For this, you must be familiar with the slide master feature.

For instance, your presentation can reflect your brand image in all your slides. You can use the color scheme of your brand in your presentation. The consistent design style can make your presentation look more professional. You use the slide master features to fully customize your master slides. This way you get a unified design style for all your presentations. Any element you add will follow your presentation style.


We have given a brief overview of the Slide Master feature in PowerPoint. Use it to customize the slides in your presentation.

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