How to Ungroup Worksheets in Excel

When you want to perform the same task on multiple worksheets in a workbook, you might have grouped them. Ungrouping is as easy as grouping them. If you’re struggling to ungroup the worksheets, you’re at the right place. 

3 Methods of ungrouping worksheets in Excel:

  • Click on any unselected sheet
  • Keyboard keys and click on the grouped worksheets
  • Select Ungroup Sheets

Let us begin.

Method #1: Click on Any Unselected Sheet

This is the easiest and quickest method to ungroup sheets. Please note that you can only use this method if you have at least one worksheet ungrouped.

Step #1: Identify the ungrouped sheets

The names and appearance of sheets will differ depending on whether they are active or not, and included in a group or not.

When you look at the names of sheets, at the bottom of your window, the name colored in green with a white background (in the default theme) is the active sheet. 

The worksheet names in bold with a white background (in the default theme) are the grouped sheets. 

The ones that look normal without any formatting and with a gray background are the ungrouped sheets. 

In our example below, Sheet1 is the active sheet. Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3 are grouped. Sheet4 is ungrouped.

Step #2: Select an ungrouped sheet

Click on any of the ungrouped sheets. 

This would instantly ungroup the other worksheets. 

In this instance, it’s Sheet4.

Once you’re done, you can see that all the worksheets are ungrouped.

Method #2: Keyboard keys and click on the grouped worksheets

This method is similar to how you group worksheets. If you want to only ungroup a single sheet, you can use this method.

Step #1: Keyboard keys

Once you’ve identified which sheet to ungroup from the group, press and hold the Ctrl key if you use Windows. 

Long-press the Cmd key if you’re using a Mac. 

In our example, we want to ungroup Sheet3 from the group.

Step #2: Click on the selected worksheet(s) 

After holding the Ctrl or Cmd key, click on the name of the sheet (or sheets) that you want to ungroup. 

In our example, we click on Sheet3.

Once you click on the sheet name, you will see it’s ungrouped, while the rest remain grouped. 

In our example, Sheet3 is ungrouped, and only Sheet1 and Sheet2 are grouped.

Method #3: Select Ungroup Sheets

The right-click mouse menu is often a quick way to access popular commands, and in this method, we will explain how to use it.

Step #1: Right-click

Look at the grouped sheets in your workbook. 

Right-click with your mouse on the name of any one of them.

Step #2: Click on Ungroup Sheets

A new menu will appear with a list of options. 

From that list, click on Ungroup Sheets.

All your sheets will now be ungrouped.


Ungrouping worksheets is as easy as grouping them. You don’t have to struggle to remove a worksheet from a group or ungroup them altogether. You can use the above methods to ungroup sheets in no time, and method 2 is the best way to ungroup only one sheet at a time.

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