How to Add a Birthday to Google Calendar

Google Calendar can remind you about important birthdays in advance, but first you have to add a birthday to the calendar. 

Fortunately only once! By making birthdays repeatable, Google Calendar will keep reminding you of upcoming birthdays every year.

We will show you how to add birthdays to your Google Calendar in simple, step-by-step instructions.

Let us begin.

Step #1: Open Your Google Calendar

Login to Google using your credentials.

Open Google Calendar.

By default, Google calendar will open on the current day and month.

Step #2: Create an Event

Click on the Create button in the top left corner, which also has a colorful plus sign.

This opens a menu with two options:

  • Event — Create an Event
  • Task — Create a Task

(Other subscriptions may see Appointment Slots, Out of Office, and Focus Time.)

Click on Event.

A dialog box will open, allowing an event to be set up.

Step #3: Add a title for the birthday event

In the dialog box, click on ‘Add title.’

Type in a suitable title for your birthday event.

Step #4: Set up the details

Click on the date in the dialog box.

This opens a calendar month.

Select the appropriate date for your event.

Tick the checkbox before All day under the date, to make it an All-day event

Click on the dropdown option ‘Doesn’t repeat’ under ‘All day’.

This opens a drop-down menu with more options.

Click on Annually to set up the repeat reminders.

Step #5: Add Description

Further down in the dialog box, under Add location, is another option – ‘Add description or attachments’.

Click on the word ‘description’ for a text field to open.

Enter more details for the birthday event.

Click on the Save button to close the dialog box.

The birthday now appears in your calendar.


We have shown you how to add a birthday event to your Google Calendar. Use our method to add all your important birthdays to your calendar, so that you miss none of them.

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