How to Publish an Event on Google Calendar

You can publish an entire calendar on a website for the public to see. Similarly, it is possible to publish a single event on Google Calendar as well. Google makes it easy to do so by providing a link for the event.

We will show you how to create an event on Google Calendar with simple step-by-step instructions. We will also show you how to publish this event.

Let us begin.

Step #1: Open Google Calendar

Login to Google using your credentials.

Open Google Calendar.

By default, the Calendar will show you the current date and month.

Step #2: Change the display (optional)

At the top right, between the Settings menu, which looks like a cog, and the 9 squares that lead to other applications, is the Calendar display options.

Click on the small triangle next to the word Month (or whatever your current setting may be).

A drop-down menu will open.

Select the most convenient display for your calendar.

We have chosen Month for our example.

Step #3: Create an event

Click on the Create button in the top left corner, which also has a colorful plus sign.

This opens a menu with a few options:

  • Event — Create an Event
  • Task — Create a Task

Other options that may also show (depending on your subscription) includes:

  • Focus time — When there should be no disruptions
  • Out of office — When away on leave/travel/business
  • Appointment slots — Setup suitable slots for appointments

We will create an event for this example.

Click on Event.

This opens a dialog box for setting up the event.

Step #4: Add a title for the event

In the dialog box, click on Add title.

Type in a suitable title for your event.

Step #5: Set up event details

Click on the date in the dialog box.

This opens a calendar month.

Select the appropriate date and time for your event.

Click on Doesn’t repeat under the date.

This opens a drop-down menu with more options.

Click on the most appropriate option if your event is repeating.

For this example, we click on Doesn’t repeat.

You can also change the time-zone, and make it an all-day event.

Step #6: Add description

In the dialog box, further down, click on Add description or attachments.

A text entry box opens.

Enter an appropriate description for your event.

Click on the Save button to close the dialog box.

Your event now appears on the calendar.

Step #7: Publish the event

Click on the event in the calendar.

A notification will pop up.

Click on the Options icon, which are 3 dots in a row – next to the envelope (email) icon.

This opens a menu.

Click on Publish Event.

The Publish event menu opens, offering two types of embedded codes:

  • HTML code — Use this code on your website to create a Google Calendar button. Visitors to your site can click on this button to add your event to their own Google Calendar.
  • Link to event — Copy this link and send it to others, so they can add your event to their own Calendar.

Click on the appropriate Copy tab for the option you prefer.

Click on the Close button at the bottom.

Paste the copied code into your website, email, etc.


We have shown you how you can add an event to your Google Calendar. We have also shown how you can publish the event using the embedded codes.

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