How to create a folder in Google Docs

Keeping your documents orderly is a great way to track your progress, arrange your workspace, and promote tidiness.

Most of our work life has been online, especially with the pandemic. With that being said, it’s imperative to keep our documents as neatly arranged as our room or workspace.

Creating a folder in Google Docs is the best way to arrange and group your online Google documents. 

Now, there are two primary ways to create a folder in Google Docs.

2 Ways to Create a Folder in Google Docs

  • Using the Google Doc website to transfer files or create a new folder
  • Creating a folder using Google Drive

These are the two primary methods to create a folder in Google Docs. However, there is a caveat with the statement “creating a folder in Google Docs”, but we’ll go over that later. This article was made with beginners in mind, so don’t be intimidated! We’ve provided pictures, comprehensive steps, and annotations to help you follow the steps easily.

Here’s how you can create a folder in Google Docs!

Why Should I Create a Folder in Google Docs Anyway?

Well, there are a lot of pros to creating a folder in Google Docs.

For one, you’ll be able to arrange all your documents neatly. This removes the hassle of looking through your Google Drive to look for that one document you forgot the title to. Decision fatigue is a real problem, so there’s a benefit to making the pathway to you and your desired document easy. 

Additionally, if you need to submit a link for your portfolio or share your work, this covers that as well. By having all your documents and files in one folder, you can simply copy a view-only link and send that to your clients. This allows your prospects to easily see your portfolio, neatly arranged in one folder.

There are other situations where a folder in Google Docs would be a lifesaver. Here’s a general rule of thumb that you can follow to figure out when creating a folder in Google Docs is best:

  • When you need to organize all your documents into one folder for a specific client.
  • To properly arrange documents into client folders. This way, you don’t have to worry about having same-named documents.
  • When you need to pass a portfolio link of your documents. 

Of course, you’ll encounter other unique situations where a folder will benefit you. These are just the general occurrences for when a folder in Google Docs would be amazing to have.

That being said, here’s a short disclaimer.

You Can’t Create a Folder in Google Docs

So, this is the catch. You can’t really create a folder in Google Docs. 

Google Documents is a platform where you can create and edit documents. However, when you create a folder and rearrange these documents, you do this on a different platform. 

The Google Drive is where the folders are created. This is also where all your documents are actually stored. Here, you can access, delete, edit, copy, and do any file-management option to your documents. This includes creating a folder.

In conclusion, we will create a folder through Google Docs and Google Drive, but the folder will only be accessible in Google Drive. If you’re confused, don’t overthink it. Let’s start by creating the folder first. After that, we’ll teach you how to find the folder and access the files inside it.

Method 1: Creating a Folder in Google Docs

This first step involves creating a folder directly through Google Docs. Although the interface for this is actually tight (not well-known), it’s very doable. Google must have added this in so writers like us could just move documents easily without having to go through Google Drive.

Here’s how you can do that!

Step 1: Open a document in Google Docs.

First off, you’ll need to open up a document to get started. If you want to solely create a folder without moving old documents in it, you can open up a blank document. Otherwise, open the document you want to move into the folder so we can streamline the process.

Step 2: Accessing the folder menu.

Here’s a little bit of inception for you. For this article, we’ll be using the document that you’re reading right now. In this step, you can either move your current document to a different folder or create a completely new folder. To access the folder menu, click on the folder icon to the right of your document title. 

Step 3: Pick a file location.

Before you create a folder, let’s first figure out where you want the folder created. Perhaps you want to put this folder inside an already-existing folder. Either way, simply navigate through the folder menu by clicking on the folders. Select the ← arrow symbol to move back between folders.

Step 4: Creating a folder from the menu.

Once you’ve figured out a good location, we’ll go right ahead and create the folder. Click on the folder with a plus icon at the bottom-left corner of the folder menu. 

Step 5: Name your new folder.

Finally at the last step, all that remains is to name your new folder! For this tutorial, we went with “Office Beginner”. Of course, feel free to name this however you like. Click on the checkmark at the end of the text box to finish creating your folder.

Your new folder should look something like this! Click on the Move here button at the bottom-right corner to move your current document to inside the folder.

Method 2: Creating a Folder in Google Drive

In my opinion, this method is much easier to do than the previous one. Similarly, if you want to move multiple files at once towards the new folder, then this is the way to do it.

Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Open up your Google Drive.

Go ahead and open up your Google Drive on your Google account. Here’s a quick Google Drive link to help you get there. 

Step 2: Open up the quick access menu.

Once you’re there, it’s time to open up the quick access menu and create a folder. You can easily do this by right-click anywhere near the folders on your screen. Look for a blank white space and right-click there.

Step 3: Create and name your new folder.

The next step is to create a new folder. Click on the New folder option. This will be at the top of the quick access menu, with an icon of a folder and a plus symbol. From there, you’ll be asked to name your new folder. For this tutorial, we used “Office Beginner”. 

Click on the Create option to finish creating the folder.

Bonus Step: Move all your documents with ease.

If you want to move a lot of documents easily, Google Drive is the place to do it.

First, highlight all the documents you want to move. After that, you can either drag those documents to the new folder or do it through the quick access menu. With the documents highlighted, right-click on any document and select Move to. Locate the folder you just created and select Move Here.


Congratulations on reaching the end of this article! Hopefully, we’ve helped you create a folder in Google Docs. Here’s a brief summary of everything we covered today.

You can create a folder in Google Docs through two methods. One, is to use the Google Docs interface and create a folder from there. The second, is to create the folder from the Google Drive, which is better when moving several documents to the folder.

Hopefully you found this article helpful.

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