How to encircle a word in Google Docs

There are plenty of methods to highlight a special word in your G-docs file. You can use text color, highlight it, italicize, etc.

But the most effective way to make some very important words–like your brand name–stand out is to put a shape around it. 

This tutorial will share a simple method to put a circle (or any regular shape) around any word in Google docs. 

In short, this includes using drawing tools to select the shape and type your special word in it.

Let’s begin.

Step 1: Open Your Google Docs File

Step 2: Enter Drawing Mode

Click Insert from the toolbar, then select Drawing from the drop-down. Subsequently, enter +New from the pop-up at the right.

Step 3: Insert a Shape 

In the drawing panel, click the Shapes icon, select Shapes, and then choose your preferred shape. 

For instance, I’m entering an oval shape.

Subsequently, press-hold the left click and draw an oval shape of the desired size.

Step 4: Enter the Word 

Next, double-click inside the shape and start typing your word.

Step 6: Change the visuals (optional)

You can also change various things like the color fill inside the shape, text alignment, font type, etc. 

Step 7: Save and Close

After drawing, click Save and Close to insert it into your file.

The output:

Here are some more iterations just to demonstrate what else you can do with this feature:


Remember these drawings are inserted in the image format. So, you can adjust them (in alignment, size, etc.) as per your need.

That’s it for this tutorial. Please comment for any queries.

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