How to change text color in Google Docs

In this tutorial, we will be sharing a couple of simple methods to colorize text in your Google Doc’s file.

2 Ways to Change Text Color in Google Docs

  • Change Text Color on Desktop
  • Change Text Color on Android

Method 1: Change the Text Color on Desktop

Step 1: Open Your Google Docs File

Step 2: Select the Text

There are two methods to select the required text:

First, press and hold left-click at the starting of the intended text, then glide your mouse over to highlight it.

Second, left-click on the text, press & hold the Shift (⇑) key, and then use Arrow (←↑→↓) keys to highlight the text.

Step 3: Change Text Color

Now, click the text color icon on the toolbar and select the preferred color to use on the highlighted text.


Method 2: Change Text Color on Android

Step 1: Open File and Select Text

Open your file in the Google docs Android app and long-press at the beginning of the subject text until two teardrops appear.

Step 2: Select the Text

Now select the text by dragging one of the teardrops while keeping the other one untouched. Subsequently, select the color icon shown by the arrow.

Step 3: Change the Color

Finally, choose the color of your choice from the color panel pop-up.

Exit the color panel by touching Back in the bottom Android navigation bar. The output:


That’s it in this session. Please comment for any queries. 

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