How to change text color in Google Docs

More often than not, we are left to find ways to highlight something in the digital writing landscape. 

Without the traditional paper sheet and highlighter pen, the procedure to color some part of your document depends on the specific application.  

This tutorial will share the most common methods to colorize text in your Google Doc’s file.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

2 Ways to Change Text Color in Google Docs

  • Change Text Color on Desktop
  • Change Text Color on Android

Method 1: Change Text Color on Desktop

Step 1: Open Your Google Docs File

Step 2: Select the Text

There are two methods to select the required text:

First, press and hold left-click at the starting of the intended text, then glide your mouse over to highlight it.

Second, left-click on the text, press & hold the Shift (⇑) key, and then use Arrow (←↑→↓) keys to highlight the text.

Step 3: Change Text Color

Now, click the text color icon on the toolbar and select the preferred color to use on the highlighted text.


Method 2: Change Text Color on Android

Step 1: Open File and Select Text

Open your file in the Google docs Android app and long-press at the beginning of the subject text until two teardrops appear.

Step 2: Select the Text

Now select the text by dragging one of the teardrops while keeping the other one untouched. Subsequently, select the color icon shown by the arrow.

Step 3: Change the Color

Finally, choose the color of your choice from the color panel pop-up.

Exit the color panel by touching Back in the bottom Android navigation bar. The output:


That’s it in this session. Please comment for any queries. 

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