How to open a docx file in Google Docs

You might need to open a Microsoft Word file in Google Docs to facilitate sharing and collaboration. This is easy to do.  Here’s a simple way to open a Word Docx file in Google Docs.

2 methods to open Docx file in Google Docs

  • Open Docx file in Google Docs from your computer
  • Open Docx file in Google Docs from your mobile

Method 1: Open Docx file in Google Docs from your computer

Step 1: Uploading file on drive. 

To upload the file to your drive, open drive by clicking the grid icon on the right side of your Gmail screen and click on Drive

Now within your drive click on the +New tab.

Then click on the File upload option.

Choose your file from your system. Click on Upload.

You will see a message on the bottom-right corner of your screen showing the status of the upload.

Step 2: Opening the file.

Double-click on the uploaded file and you will be able to open the Word file on Google Docs.

Alternatively, click on the file within My Drive and then open with Google Docs.

Method 2: Open Docx file in Google Docs from your mobile

Step 1: Upload the file on your drive.

Open the drive app on your phone by clicking on the drive icon. 

This will open your google drive. Tap on the + icon present at the bottom of your screen.

You can see a bunch of options now. Tap on upload to upload your Docx file.

This will open the data present on your phone. Go to the location of your Docx file. Tap on the file to select it and click OK.

You can now see your file being uploaded to your drive.

Step 2: Open the file.

Wait for some time until that message disappears. Refresh your drive. You can now see the file in your drive.

Tap on the document to open it. 

You can now see the docx file in Google docs.


We hope this helps you work seamlessly between Docx and Google Docs files. Do let us know of your questions in the comments below.

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