How to Overlap Images in Google Docs

Sometimes when you’re working on Google Docs, you might want to overlap images. Fortunately, you can overlap images in Google Docs. We give you two methods to do so.

2 methods to overlap images in Google Docs

  • Using Google Drawings
  • Using Wrap text

Method 1: Using Google Drawings

Step 1: Create a new drawing.

In the main menu bar, click Insert. Tap on Drawing and then select + New.

Step 2: Insert an image.

Clicking New would open a dialog box. Tap on the Image icon to select an image.

Select an option based on where your image is located. For instance, this image is in my computer, so I use the Upload option.

Once you’ve selected an image, you can see it in the drawing as shown below.

Step 3: Insert the other image.

Following the previous steps, insert the overlapping image. After inserting another image, you can see two images in your drawing.

Step 4: Drag an image onto another.

Now, all you have to do is drag and drop the image on top of the image you’d like. Note that when you insert images, they are stacked one on top of the other. You can overlap the second image with the first but not the first with the second. So, make sure you insert the overlapping image at the end.

Method 2: Using Wrap text

Step 1: Insert the required images in your Google Doc.

In the main menu bar, click on Insert. Select Image from the dropdown. You can see a list of options that you can choose depending on the location of your image. Here, we’re choosing Upload from computer because the image is present there.

Select an image and click Open.

You can see the image in your doc now.

Similarly follow the above steps and insert the other image or images.

Step 2: Select Wrap text.

Left-click an image to see a toolbar. Click on the three dots and select All image options.

This would open a dialog box at the extreme right. Select Text Wrapping.

Select Wrap text from the options given.

Alternatively, you can also just left-click the image and select the Wrap text icon. 

Step 3: Change the margin.

Click on the margin dropdown and select 0”.

Step 4: Drag the image onto the other image.

You can just drag and drop the image to create an overlay.

Wrapping up

You can use any of the above methods to easily create an overlay or overlapping images in Google Docs.

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