How to remove header in a Google Docs

Headers are important. They give valuable information right from the start of any page. It’s easy to put the same header on the entire document. But at OfficeBeginner, we also have this tutorial in which you can learn about putting unique headers on every page in your Google Document.

But for this tutorial, I will share a method to remove headers from a Google Docs file. 

Let’s do it sequentially. 

Step 1: Open your Google Docs File

To illustrate, I’m opening a Google Doc file of our unique header tutorial.  

Step 2: Double-click the header.

Double-click the header (or anywhere in the header area) to open it for editing. You’ll be able to see a cursor blinking with some options. For instance, in the following image, OfficeBeginner is the header.

Step 3: Select Options and Remove header.

Left-click Options in the previous image and select Remove header from the drop-down.

Step 4 (Optional): For Unique Headers

If you have a single header throughout your document, then it’ll be gone by now.

But, if you have unique headers, say a different header for the first page, then you’ll have to do this operation twice. Once for the first page and next for the rest of the document.

Conclusively, you have to repeat these steps for each distinct header (group).


This concludes this short tutorial. Please comment for any queries.

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