How to sort by date in Google Sheets

3 methods to sort by date in Google Sheets

  • Using a formula
  • Using the Sort range option
  • Using the Sort sheet option

Method 1: Using a formula

You can use this method to sort dates and store them in different cells.

Step 1: Determine the cell range to be sorted and cells to put the sorted dates.

The cell range of the dates is A1 through A5. 

We can use the B column to put the sorted dates. Cell B1 can be used to enter the formula.

Step 2: Enter the formula.

In cell B1, enter the formula to sort the dates. The formula is =SORT(A1:A5, 1, TRUE). A1:A5 represents the range of cells to be sorted. 1 represents the column number. TRUE means it will be sorted in ascending order.

Step 3: Press Enter.

Press Enter to see the formula applied to the cells.

You can see all the dates sorted in the B column.

Method 2: Using the Sort range option.

Step 1: Highlight the range of cells to be sorted.

You can highlight by selecting a cell and dragging the cursor through the range of cells. You can also use the Shift + arrow keys depending on the direction you want to select. You can see the selected range of cells in the Name box.

Step 2: Select the Sort range option.

In the main menu bar, select Data. Hover over Sort range.

Step 3: Choose how you want your dates to be sorted.

Hovering over Sort range will give you two options. The first one sorts your dates in ascending order and the second one sorts your data in descending order.

Choose how you want them to be sorted and select the option. Choosing ascending order here. Now you can see all your dates sorted in ascending order.

Method 3: Using the Sort sheet option

Step 1: Select the column with the dates.

You can see the column names by clicking on the alphabet present on the column with dates. Here, it’s the A column, so selecting A column.

Step 2: Select Sort sheet.

Right-click somewhere in the selected range. You can see a list of options. Select the Sort sheet option. Choose A to Z if you want the dates in ascending order and Z to A for descending order.

Once you click the option, you can see the dates sorted.

Wrapping up

No more struggling to sort your dates. You just need to format it right and use one of the above methods to sort your dates easily.

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