How to add border to a picture in word.

2 Ways to Add Border to a Picture in Word

  • Add a picture border using the Picture Styles group
  • Add a picture border using the Context Menu

We are using this image for this tutorial.


Method 1: Add a Picture Border using the Picture Styles Group

The Pictures Styles group contains all the image formatting styles you’ll need to turn a simple border into a sophisticated one. This group can be accessed through the Format tab in the Ribbon—the basic toolbar of MS Word. 

Here’s how you can add a picture border through the Ribbon. 

Step 1: Open up a Word document. 

Step 2: Access the Format tab. 

Once your document is opened, go ahead and click the image. This will make the Format tab visible in the Ribbon.  

Tip: You can also double-click on the image to automatically set the Format tab on focus.

Step 3: Add a border to your picture. 

Around the middle part of the ribbon, you’ll find the Picture Styles group.

This contains a list of pre-made borders with effects and layout.

On the left part, you’ll find a few more options including the picture border, effects, and layout. 

On the list of pre-made borders, choose a design from among the choices. Click the drop-down button at the lower right corner of the list box to show more options.

For this example, we’ve chosen to use the Perspective Shadow style.

This will add border to the picture.

Method 2: Add a Picture Border using the Context Menu 

Step 1: Open up your Word document. 

Step 2: Right Click on the Image

Right-click on the image. It will open the Context Menu.

On the Context menu, click on the Picture Styles drop-down button and select a style of your choice. 

After clicking on the Picture Styles option, you should see a quick-menu of borders you can choose from. This works just like method one, but is much quicker in comparison. 

Deleting a Picture Border in MS Word

To delete your picture border, go to the Format tab and click the Reset Picture button. 

Customizing Picture Borders in MS Word

There are many ways to format picture borders in Word. For instance, you can change the size, color, or shape of the border to better suit your needs.

Picture Border Customization


Use this when you want to use theme colors or specify a color to your border. 

No outline 

Use this when you want to delete the outline of your border. 


Use this when you want to specify the thickness of your border. Select More Lines to show more options on line styles like adding gradient colors. 


Use this when you want to change the style of your border line. 

Picture Effects


Use this when you want to choose from the visual effect templates that are readily available. 


Use this when you want to add a shadow effect to your borders, such as outer, inner, or perspective. 


Use this when you want to add a reflection effect to your borders. 


Use this when you want to add a glow effect to your borders. You may specify the color, size, and transparency of the glow effect by clicking more options. 

Soft edges 

Use this when you want to specify the size of the edges that will be softened by MS Word. 


Use this when you want to specify how your border should be embossed, such as top or bottom, cool slant, soft round, divot, etc.

3-D Rotation

Use this when you want to specify the orientation of the rotation to enhance the 3-D effect. 


We hope you’ve found this article helpful! 

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