How to Print PowerPoint with Notes

You have a PowerPoint presentation where you have introduced notes in individual slides. The notes helped you to remember important aspects of your presentation. But they were not visible to the audience.

Now, you want to present your audience with a printed version of your presentation. You want to print the notes along with their respective slides to make it easier for them to understand.

You can do this easily in PowerPoint, and we explain the method here.

Step by Step guide to print Powerpoint with Notes

Step #1: Open the Presentation

Open the PowerPoint presentation, and click on Notes at the bottom of the screen to display the notes.

Step #2: Open the Print Menu

Click on the File tab in the top menu bar to open the File menu.

In the File menu, click on the Print tab in the left pane to open the Print menu in the right pane. PowerPoint also shows a preview of the slide in the right pane.

Step #3: Select your printer

Under the Printer section in the right pane, click on the tiny triangle on the right side. Select the printer that you would like to use.

Step #4: Select to print notes

Under Settings, click on Full Page Slides.

This opens the Print Layout menu.

Under the Handouts section, you can select the type of prints you want. Under the Print Layout section, click on Notes Pages.

The preview pane in the right pane changes to show the notes under the slide.

Step #5: Print the slide and notes

Under Settings section, click on Print All Slides.

This opens a menu, and you can choose to: 

  • Print all slides
  • Print your selection of slides
  • Print only the current slide in the preview pane
  • Print a custom range of slides

Make your choice and click on the Print icon at the top under the Print section.

PowerPoint prints the slides as per your choice along with their notes.

Step #6: Close the presentation

Click on Close in the left pane to close the presentation.


So this is how you can easily print your notes as handouts along with prints of your presentation.

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