How to Center-align a Table in Word

Using the appropriate table alignment is an excellent way to have better structure and layout on your document.

By default, MS Word aligns tables and other objects to the left. However, most academic and corporate documents call for specific formatting standards, including table alignment.

Images and tables are center-aligned in most cases. Fortunately for us, MS Word offers various ways to easily center-align a table in a document. 

Now, there are about three ways to center-align a table in Word. 

3 Ways to Center-align a Table in Word

  • Using the Center-align button 
  • Using the Context Menu
  • Using a shortcut key

Without further ado, let’s get started! 

Method 1: Using the Center-align Button

In this method, we’ll show you how to access the Center-align button found in the Home tab. The benefit of this method is that it offers you to easily center-align your table with a single click. This is the most straightforward approach as it does not involve any advanced technical know-how to get the job done. 

Here’s how you can access the Center-align button in Word. 

Step 1: Open up an MS Word file. 

Before anything else, you’ll need an MS Word file with a ready table in it. Feel free to use your own personal document for this tutorial. The changes made can be easily reverted, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your file. Just remember to simply press the CTRL + Z keys on your keyboard to undo unwanted changes. Otherwise, feel free to open a new document.

Step 2: Select the table. 

Once your document is ready, select the table by clicking the Move icon found at the upper left corner of the table. 

Step 3: Click the Center-align button. 

Go to the Home tab and select the Center-align icon found under the Paragraph group. 

Voila! You’ve just center-aligned a table in MS Word. 

Method 2: Using the Context Menu

Simply put, the Context menu is a compact list of the most commonly used formatting tools in MS Word. With a single right-click, you can access these tools without navigating away from what you’re working on. 

Here’s how you can use the Context Menu to center-align a table in your document. 

Step 1: Open up an MS Word file. 

To get started, let’s open up an MS Word file. You can definitely use the document that you’re currently using if you already have one prepared. Though, if you’re worried about accidentally deleting parts of your document, you can just create a new file by pressing Ctrl + N on your keyboard. 

Step 2: Access the Content menu. 

Now that your document is ready, right-click on the table to display the Context menu. On it, select the Table Properties option. This will launch a dialogue box. 

On the Table tab, select the Center option under the Alignment group. Then, click the OK button to proceed. Otherwise, click the Cancel button. 

Congratulations! You’ve just learned to utilize the Context menu to center-align a table in MS Word. 

Method 3: Using Shortcut Keys

This is by far the fastest way to center-align a table in MS Word. With just two keyboard keys, you can quickly set up your table to be placed at the center of your document. 

Here’s how to use the keyboard shortcut to center-align a table in MS Word. 

Step 1: Open up an MS Word file. 

First things first, open an MS Word file. Feel free to use the file you are currently working on. Don’t worry about messing it up because you can easily undo any unwanted changes. Otherwise, you can always create a new document by clicking the New Blank Document button under the File tab. Do remember to insert a table to edit for this tutorial.

Step 2: Select the table. 

In your document, select the table that you want to center-align. You can do this by highlighting the entire table. Alternatively, you can click the Move icon found at the top left corner of the table. Make sure you are selecting the whole table, or else, this will result in center-aligning the cell contents instead.

Once the table is selected, press the CTRL + E keys on your keyboard. 

Now you know how to use a shortcut key to center-align a table in MS Word. Well done!

Editing Table Alignment in Word

If you need to edit the alignment of your table, look no further. We’ll show you the steps on how to do just that in a few simple clicks.  MS Word has allowed us to easily switch back to the default table alignment in your document. 

Now, to revert to the default table alignment, simply repeat the steps of whichever method you used. 


Great job! You’ve finally arrived at the end of this article. We hope we guided you well on how to center-align a table in MS Word. Here’s a brief summary of what we covered today. 

Learning to center-align a table in MS Word has proven to be a useful skill. In MS Word, you can center-align a table in three ways. One method is to use the Center-align button found in the Home tab. Another is to access the Paragraph dialogue box. Lastly, you can use a combination of keyboard keys.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful! 

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