How to change the background color of the text box in MS Word

 A Text box within a document is a great way to attract the reader’s attention. Inside the text box place some important information you want to emphasize. There is another way you can make the text box more attractive. Change the background color to make the text box appear in a greater contrast from the document.

Microsoft Word allows you to easily change the background color of your text box. You only need to follow our step-by-step guide for changing the background color. 

Let us begin.

Step #1: Open the Word document.

Open the document where you have a text box, and want to change its background color.

Step #2: Select the text box

Click on the text box to select it.

Step #3: Use Shape Fill to change the color

On the top menu bar, click on the Format tab under Text Box Tools to change the ribbon.

In the section Text Box Styles, click on Shape Fill.

A dialog box will open showing Theme Colors.

Select a color of your choice.

Word will display the text box in the color of your choice.


Follow our step-wise instructions to change the color of your text box and make it more attractive.

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