How to Change Bullet Spacing in MS Word?

There are instances when you need to format the statements in your MS Word document as lists. The obvious feature that you would use is bullets. Using bullets to format your statements is a great way to enhance the readability of your content. With bulleted lists, you are implying points in your content that need emphasis. 

Applying the bullet format is very easy in MS Word. It only takes a few simple steps to convert a number of paragraphs into this format. The issue, however, you may find quite irritating comes after that—how do you adjust its spacing? Fortunately, MS Word offers several features you can use to improve the appearance of your bulleted lists. Some features let you adjust the spacing, and this will be our focus in this article.

Change bullet spacing in MS word

There may be numerous ways on how you can change the spacing of bulleted lists in your document, but we will only take a look at the most efficient ones. These two methods are listed below.

2 Ways to Change Bullet Spacing in MS Word

  • Using the Adjust List Indents command
  • Using the Line Spacing feature

To solve your problem about bullet spacing, we’ll consider two different aspects—list indents and line spacing. List indents affect the spacing of a bullet symbol to its corresponding statement. In contrast, Line spacing influences the spacing between bulleted items. Fortunately, we’ll be discussing how to change each of these aspects.

Let’s get started!

Method 1: Using the Adjust List Indents Command

First on our list of methods involves adjusting the list indents. Use this method if you want to align your bulleted list to a specific paragraph or sentence in your document. Additionally, you can apply this method if you want more characters to occupy the first lines of each bullet item.

Here’s how to use this command.

Step 1: Open an MS Word document.

Start by opening a Word document that has a bulleted list. If you already have this kind of document, locate it in your file storage and open it by simply double-clicking it. Suppose you want to try this first on a new document, then launch the MS Word program and click the Blank document command. Before you can proceed with the succeeding steps, use the Bullets feature and create a list similar to the one being shown below.

Change bullet spacing in MS word

Step 2: Display the right-click context menu.

The Right-click context menu contains the command that you’ll be needing to complete the process. To display this menu, highlight any of the bullet symbols in your document. From there, right-click on top of the highlighted  bullet , as shown below.

Change bullet spacing in MS word

Step 3: Display the Adjust List Indents dialog box.

Now that you’ve displayed the Right-click context menu, click the Adjust List Indents command. This will open the Adjust List Indents dialog box. From here, we’ll be focusing on the Bullet position and Text indent fields.

Change bullet spacing in MS word

Step 4: Make necessary adjustments to Bullet position or Text indent.

Determine whether you need to adjust the positioning of the bullet symbols or the spacing between the symbols and texts. Set the new values in the corresponding number fields. 

Change bullet spacing in MS word

Step 5: Finalize the list indents adjustment.

Upon setting your preferred adjustments, click the OK button on the dialog box. Notice that the indentation of your bulleted list changes according to the values you have entered.

Method 2: Using the Line Spacing Feature

If you wish to adjust the line spacing between the items of your bulleted list, then you can use this method. Allowing white spaces between lines can make your list more pleasing to the eyes of readers.

Below are the steps on how to achieve this.

Step 1: Open a Word document.

To learn this method more effectively, you can open your own document that already has a bulleted list. If you don’t have one yet, then you can start with a new document and include some sentences. Format the sentences as a bulleted list to get you started. 

Step 2: Access the right-click context menu.

Like the first method, you also need to display the Right-click context menu. Here, you’ll find the command that lets you adjust the line spacing. Right-click in any part of your bulleted list to display this menu.

Step 3: View the Paragraph dialog box.

From the Right-click context menu, click the Paragraph command. Doing this will open the Paragraph dialog box. From this dialog box, our focus will be on the Spacing section under the Indents and Spacing tab.

Change bullet spacing in MS word

Step 4: Adjust the line spacing of your bulleted list.

The Spacing section contains the settings that you’ll be needing. Click the Line spacing drop-down button to view the list of line spacing options that you can apply. You can also set line spaces before and after your entire list by specifying values on the Before and After number fields. In addition to your changes, uncheck the “Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style” checkbox. 

Change bullet spacing in MS word

Step 5: Apply the adjustments you have made.

Finalize your setting by clicking the OK button of the Paragraph dialog box. The adjustments you have applied will instantly take effect on your selected bulleted list.


Upon reaching the end of this article, hopefully you’ve learned that changing bullet spacing can be accomplished in two simple steps. Before you go, here’s a short review of what we discussed today.

The methods discussed throughout this article will lessen the hassles of formatting your content. You no longer have to worry about the spacing of your bulleted lists, as this can be fixed through the Adjust List Indents or the Line Spacing feature.

We hope you found this article helpful!

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