How to Insert Tick Mark in MS Word?

Insert Tick mark in MS word

2 Ways to Insert Tick Mark in MS Word

  • Using the Numeric Keypad
  • Using the Symbol dialog box

Let’s get started!

Method 1: Using the Numeric Keypad

First on our list is a method that requires a numeric keypad. Suppose your keyboard doesn’t have one at the moment, you can still go along with this method so that you will realize by then how to utilize it. 

Below are the steps on how to utilize the numeric keypad to insert a tick mark.

Step 1: Open a Word document.

Insert tick mark in MS word

Step 2: Place the mouse cursor to where you will insert the tick mark.

In your active MS Word document, click the part where a tick mark needs to be inserted. You can do this by moving the cursor to your mouse by simply left-clicking at a location. Alternatively, you can also move the cursor with the arrows keys on your keyboard. This can also highlight the sentences or words that you want to replace a tick mark with.

Insert tick mark in MS word

Step 3: Change the font into Wingdings or any font that supports the tick mark.

Not all fonts can support the tick mark. To make sure that the process will go smoothly from here, you’ll need to set the Font into Wingdings. This can be achieved on the Home tab of the ribbon. If it’s not yet active, click it. This will display the Font group box. Click the Font drop-down button and choose the Wingdings font from the list.

Insert tick mark in MS word

If you don’t select a font that supports the tick mark, the default symbol that pops out would be ü.

Step 4: Turn off Num Lock.

Before you can use the keys on the numeric keypad, make sure that Num Lock is turned off. Press the Num Lock key on your keyboard and verify if it’s turned off through the Num Lock indicator. If your keyboard doesn’t have one, try pressing any number from the keypad to verify it. Num Lock’s state can be toggled by simply pressing it.

Insert tick mark in MS word

Step 5: Press the shortcut keys of the tick mark.

With all the previous steps already done, you can already issue the key combination to insert the tick mark. Hold down the Alt key on your keyboard, and on the numeric keypad, press the keys 0, 2, 5, 2 respectively. After which, release the Alt key to insert the tick mark.

Insert tick mark in MS word

Method 2: Using the Symbol Dialog Box

Another technique that you can use is through the Symbol dialog box. This method does not require the use of a numeric keypad, so you can always turn to this one if your keyboard doesn’t have it.

Here are the steps to achieve this method.

Step 1: Create or open a document in MS Word.

Of course, you will need to have an open document to use this method. If you have a document ready for editing, find and open it by simply double-clicking it open from your file storage. As an alternative, you can create a new MS Word document if you just want to test this out. 

Step 2: Position your mouse cursor to where the tick mark will be inserted.

Like the first method, you need to identify a specific part of your document to where the tick mark gets inserted. Click on that part to position the cursor. If you prefer to edit a word or phrase, then you’ll need to highlight it. Do this by left-clicking and dragging your mouse over a set of words.

Step 3: Access the Symbol dialog box

The next thing you’ll need to do is to display the dialog box that contains the tick mark—the Symbol dialog box. To access this, click the Insert tab on the ribbon and locate the Symbols group. In this group, click the Symbol drop-down button to display the recently-used symbols. If you have already inserted the tick mark using this method, the symbol would appear on the list. If not, then you need to click the More Symbols button, as shown in the image below.

Insert tick mark in MS word

Step 4: Find and insert the tick mark.

From the Symbol dialog box, set the Font drop-down button into Wingdings. This will filter the result, showing only the symbols supported by Wingdings font. From here, you can already scroll down until you can find the tick mark. Alternatively, you can type in the character code of the tick mark, which is “252”, in the Character code field to speed up the search process. Ensure that the tick mark is selected and click the Insert button. This will now insert the tick mark to where your mouse cursor is. Once done, click the Close button of the Symbol dialog box to close it.

Insert tick mark in MS word


With these simple techniques that you’ve learned, you no longer have to worry about where you can copy the tick mark. That being said, here’s a short review of everything we went through today.

You can insert a tick mark through two ways, both of which involves changing your font to Wingdings, or another font that supports the tick mark symbol. Always keep in mind that you can insert a tick mark through the Symbol dialog box or by using a key combination on the numeric keypad. 

We hope you found this article helpful!

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