How to select multiple text Boxes in MS Word

3 Ways to Select Multiple Text Boxes in Word

  • Using the CTRL key and your mouse
  • Using the Select Objects tool
  • Using the Selection Pane

Method 1: Using the CTRL Key and Your Mouse

Step 1: Open your MS Word document. 

Step 2: Click on the text boxes. 

Once your document is ready, select a text box in your document. You can do this by clicking on any of the four sides of your text box.

Now, press and hold the CTRL key and click the next one.

Repeat the same steps to go over all of the text boxes in your document. 

Method 2: Using the Select Objects Tool

Step 1: Open an MS Word document. 

Step 2: Zoom out your document. 

To be able to select all text boxes on a page, zoom out your document to view the entire page.

You can do this by clicking the Zoom Out button found at the bottom right corner of your window.

Keep clicking until all your text boxes on a page are visible. 

Step 3: Access the Select Objects tool. 

Now that your document is ready, go to the Editing group found at the rightmost part of the Home tab.

Click the Select Objects drop-down menu and select the Select Objects tool. 

Now, click the upper right portion of your document and drag your cursor to its bottom right. 

This will select all the text boxes on the respective page.

Method 3: Using the Selection Pane

The Selection Pane lists down all objects in your document. This way, you can easily select your text boxes throughout your document from the list.

The disadvantage though is that this method requires the text boxes to be in a different text wrapping format other than the default.

Step 1: Open up a Word document. 

Step 2: Display the Selection Pane. 

Click the Select drop-down menu found at the rightmost part of the Home tab. On the list of options, select the Selection Pane.

This will display the Selection Pane on the right side of your window.

You should see a list of text boxes you have in your document. 

Step 3: Select your text boxes. 

On the Selection Pane, press and hold the CTRL key while clicking each text box that you want to select.


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