How to Make Periods Bigger in MS Word

3 Ways to Make Periods Bigger in MS Word

  • By manually selecting the periods
  • Using the Find Tool
  • Using the Replace Tool

Method 1: Manually Select the Periods

Making periods bigger in your document can be a painstaking experience. It boils down to whether you want to enlarge a particular set of periods or all the periods in the entire document. For this first method, we’ll show you how to manually select the punctuation mark so you could make them bigger. This is most suitable if you’re simply dealing with a few sentences where you want periods bigger. Note that this method proves to be the most cumbersome among the three. 

Here’s how you can manually select periods in your document to make them bigger. 

Step 1: Open up a Word document. 

Step 2: Select the periods. 

Once your document is ready, start selecting the periods by highlighting them while holding the CTRL key.

If you accidentally select something else, simply hold down the CTRL key and select it again. 

Step 3: Change the font size of the periods.

With the periods highlighted, click the Font Size drop-down button to select your desired font size. 

Method 2: Using the Find Tool

In this method, we’ll walk you through the steps to access the Find tool to quickly select all the periods in your document. This way you can select the periods and change the font size easily. This method is most suitable when you want to apply different font sizes in your document. 

Step 1: Open your Word document. 

Step 2: Access the Find tool.

  • To access the Find tool, we’ll need to launch the Navigation Pane.
  • Simply press CTRL + F on your keyboard.
  • This will display the Navigation Pane on the left side of your window.

Step 3: Highlight all periods. 

In the Navigation Pane, type in a period in the Search field. This will automatically highlight all periods in your document. Also, you’ll see a list of parts of the document where the periods were found. 

Step 4: Change the font size of the periods. 

Click on each item on the list to select the corresponding period.

Then, change the font size of the period by clicking the Font Size drop-down button and selecting your preferred size. 

Click the next one on the list to proceed. Alternatively, you can click the arrow down button to go to the next period. 

Method 3: Using the Find and Replace Tool

This last method proves to be the most efficient among the three. The Find and Replace tool allows you to easily locate all periods and change their font size at once. This is most suitable in situations when you want all the periods to be in the same font size. 

Step 1: Open your Word document. 

Step 2: Launch the Find and Replace dialogue box. 

Now that your document is ready, click the Replace button found at the rightmost part of the Home tab.

This will display the Find and Replace dialogue box in the middle of your window. 

Step 3: Change the font size of the periods. 

On the dialogue box, type in a period for both the Find what and the Replace with fields.

Then, click the More>> button to view more options.

Among the options, click the Format button at the bottom of the dialogue box and select the Font option.

This will launch the Replace Font dialogue box on the right side of your window.

On the Replace Font dialogue box, select the font size that you prefer under the Size group. 

Click the OK button to proceed. Otherwise, click the Cancel button.

You’ll know you did it correctly when you see the “Font: __ pt” remark below the Replace with field.

Finally, click the Replace button to make periods bigger one by one. Click the Replace All button to make all the periods bigger at once.


We hope you’ve found this article helpful! 

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