How to view all Page Breaks in a Word Document

When editing a document in Microsoft Word, you may need to make changes in the layout for some pages. You may want to restart the automatic numbering or change the number of columns. In all these cases, you must introduce breaks in your Word document.

Page breaks divide your document into separate parts. You can treat these parts as separate documents, assigning them different properties. Page breaks force a new page in the document, with the content coming after the page break starting on a new page.

Breaks in a Word document are invisible by default, like the section break or end of a line. Word hides these breaks, as these serve only to organize the content. The document does not need the breaks to be on display or for printing. But while editing a document, you may need to see them.

We will show you in easy steps how you can display the hidden page breaks.

Let us start.

Step #1: Open the Word document

Open the Word document that has page breaks in it.

By default, these are not visible.

Step #2: Display page breaks

Click on the Home tab in the top menu bar to change the ribbon.

In the Paragraph section, click on the Pilcrow icon to show hidden characters.

Along with other hidden characters, Word will display page breaks.

You can click the Pilcrow icon again to hide the page breaks.


Follow our simple step-by-step instructions above. You can view all page breaks in your Word document.

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